BREAKING: It’s Time To Take Your Children Out Of School IMMEDIATELY After This Report Just Came Out

Activist Teachers Brag About Pushing Racism, ‘Equity’ Lessons in Elementary Classrooms

A big part of Biden’s agenda is to divide the country. Democrats want Black people to HATE White people.


Why? Blacks tend to vote democrat because they have been taught that White people are responsible for slavery. That is patently false.

To grab more power, they’re willing to use Black citizens, obfuscating their history of Jim Crow laws and Black Codes.

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Many on the left claim that voting integrity measures, such as voter ID, are throwbacks to the Jim Crow era. Since Jim Crow laws were enacted by Southern Democrats to force racial segregation and block economic and political power among Black Americans, Democrats should know their current claims are preposterous. As the old saying goes, “they have a lot of nerve.”

Perhaps it is gall, or hypocrisy, or perhaps it is more sinister. To grab more political power, they are willing to use Black citizens as pawns and obfuscate the sordid history of their party — a history of Jim Crow laws and Black Codes.


Black Codes were laws passed by Southern Democrats after the Civil War that restricted worship, gun ownership and other freedoms among newly freed slaves. They were enforced with fines, arrest, intimidation, violence and murder by public officials and by the Democrats’ unofficial army — the Ku Klux Klan.


Teachers are teaching black and white children bullshit. They should be fired. They are fueling hatred on false information as displayed in part above.

It must be difficult to be a parent of a young child in today’s society, sending your child to school so that they can learn an education and now teachers are teaching them their own radical agendas!

These left extremists are in schools and are part of the ones that children are told they HAVE to listen to and do what their teachers tell them or they will be in trouble.


Look, for the most part blacks and whites get along just fine.

Every black person I talk to loves Trump and hate Biden.

It’s true. I haven’t met one hostile black and actually we have great conversations. They like me and I like them- and I respect them.

So this whole fabricated racist bullshit they want to teach our kids needs to be nipped at the bud-NOW!

Breitbart reports that several King County, Washington, activist teachers revealed to Crosscut how they inject race and “equity” lessons into their elementary classrooms.


Kent teacher Joanne Barber took advantage of violent Black Lives Matter protests last year “to teach more about race” in her second grade class.

“I am willing to be that teacher that has those hard conversations,” she said. “I would be doing a huge disservice to my students if I didn’t give them information that they could see themselves in.”

She told Crosscut learning that “racial history” is “just as important as reading or math.”

Barber teaches children 7- and 8-year-olds that slavery “led to institutional racism and implicit bias.” She also “weaves race and equity into every subject” and “every day in her class is filled with race education.”

Schools are indoctrination centers and the left extremists are wasting no time in indoctrinating children with their radical ideals such as critical race theory and racism.

Make no mistake, it is 100% emotional child abuse and teachers, schools, parents and school boards that endorse as well as those who tolerate this horrific mental abuse need to be immediately removed from school systems and investigated!

Breitbart continued, Patricia Shelton, a curriculum developer in the Bellevue School District, told Crosscut, “In Bellevue, we have been working very hard in grades 5, 8 and 11 to de-center the traditional ‘white’ perspective and to center the voices of people of color.”

Shelton’s colleague, equity specialist Shomari Jones, said he successfully removed works such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird because they contained the N-word.

“There were so many instances of students feeling further oppressed by being in a classroom space where these books were being read aloud,” he said. “[These] have continued the racial trauma and racial stamina necessary for a negatively impacted student to endure when attending school.”

Activist teachers and administrators have begun meeting resistance from parents who argue such “equity” education is leftist indoctrination.

Ground zero for that fight has been Loudoun County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. Angry parents attended a recent school board meeting to demand answers, only to have board members flee and order police to remove attendees.

Every single parent, regardless of color of skin, should be furious and standing up to protect their children!  These radical left extremists have no right to push their extreme beliefs onto children!  It’s bad enough that college level young adults fall for this indoctrination, now they are going after young children.

Those who prey upon children need to be held accountable and every damn parent who has the courage to protect their child from these extremists needs applauded as well as have each others backs.

Breitbart furthered their report on those opposed to CRT in schools:

“Loudoun County Schools continues to show an unabashed hostility to the First Amendment rights of student, parents, and teachers with whom they disagree,” Ian Prior, executive director of Fight for Schools, told Breitbart News.

“It’s time for school boards across America to stop being held captive by activists and special interests and give parents a seat at the table to help guide the education that they pay for their children to receive.”

The crowd’s opinions did little to sway elected officials.

“We will not back down from fighting for the rights of our students and continuing our focus on equity,” Sheridan told NBC 4.

She demanded an end to “politically motivated antics.”

Our nation needs more people with the courage and fortitude to stand up and speak the blunt truth against these extreme left agendas!

It is one thing to slander and use propaganda against adults, though sadly it seems to work very well on adults, but these left extremists going after children is a level that cannot be tolerated.


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