School SUSPENDS Boy After Saving Dying Girl In Class When Teacher REFUSED To Help


As you know, schools across the nation are being turned into liberal indoctrination centers for our children. Really, many schools are in a complete state of chaos.

An unusual and disturbing report has surfaced out of a Texas school that confirms that we are in big trouble.

Anthony Ruelas, 15, said his eighth grade classmate was wheezing and gagging for three minutes Tuesday morning while no one did anything to help, reports USAToday. The female student was experiencing a sever asthma attack and was beginning to panic.

(Photo: KCEN-TV, Waco-Temple-College Station, Texas)

(Photo: KCEN-TV, Waco-Temple-College Station, Texas) 

Mandy Cortes and her son Anthony Ruelas


Anthony said the teacher didn’t attempt to help the girl but chose to send an e-mail to the school nurse. That’s insane! The teacher stood there doing NOTHING while she waited for an email reply and instructed the students to remain seated.

But Anthony, deeply concerned about the girl’s condition took matters into his own hands and decided to take immediate action. Defying the teacher’s orders, Anthony picked up the girl, who was hardly breathing at that point and brought her to the nurses office!

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Normally, that would be considered an act of heroism right? Well, not so fast. Anthony got SUSPENDED for the act. Unbelievable!


Needless to say Anthony’s mother, Mandy Cortes wasn’t too happy with the school’s decision to suspend her son. And either was Anthony.


“I was like, ‘What? I’m suspended for this?’” the  Gateway Middle School hero said. “Like, I was trying to help her.”

But rather than applaud Anthony for his heroic act, the teacher actually wrote him up for insubordination.


Anthony’s student discipline referral form from his teacher reads:

“During 5th period another student complained that she couldn’t breathe and was having an asthma attack. As I waited for a response from the nurse the student fell out of her chair to the floor.  Anthony proceeded to go over and pick her up, saying ‘f— that we ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse.’ He walks out of class and carries the other student to the nurse.”

“I broke rules but, she needed help, like she needed help,” Anthony said.

“I don’t, ya know think, he should have used that language,” his mother said and added, “But as far as getting suspended for walking out of class, he could have saved her life.”

“Especially with it being an alternative school I feel like the kids hear enough of ‘they’re bad’ or their behavior, or you know, and for them to not be rewarded for really something that is brave, ya know, he is a hero to me,” Ms. Cortes said.

Anthony was more concerned about the girls health than the suspension and said if given the same circumstances he would “most definitely” do it again!

Anthony said he got a text from his classmate Wednesday thanking him and letting him know she was ‘okay.’

He was allowed to return to school Thursday, but after this whole experience, his mother is considering home-schooling him.

(H/T Mad World News)


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