BOOM: Chuck Schumer Just Got BAD NEWS In Front Of His Home- Now He’s REALLY Crying


It looks like two-faced Democrat hypocrite Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) has now been given something to cry about.

In a protest organized on social media about 3,000 angry protesters are demonstrating outside of Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment building.


The protest is apparently efforts by loony leftist hippies to call out Schumer on what they perceive as weakness in how Schumer addresses President Donald Trump.

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They are blasting Schumer for not doing more to obstruct President Trump, his executive orders, and his cabinet picks. They are holding signs and chanting “What the f**k, Chuck?!” outside Schumer’s home.


Leftist Protester and 40-year-old soccer coach Brad Wolchansky of Flatbush stated, “Senator Schumer needs to know we’re watching him. He works for us. We need him to stand up to Trump and oppose his picks.”


“He’s talking the talk on social media, but is he walking the walk?” said Cambra Moniz-Edwards, 35, of Brooklyn. “What the f–k, Chuck?!”

The group is up in arms over what they perceive to be Schumer’s centrist approach to President Trump and his willingness to concede and “play ball.”

The group gathered at Grand Army Plaza around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday evening and marched their way over to Schumer’s building at 9 Prospect Park West, between Carroll and President streets.  On the march over the anti-Trumpers were waving signs that state things like “Resist Trump” and “Show Some Spine Schumer” — while also chanting things like “Stay strong, Chuck” and “Shut it down, shut it down, New York is an immigrant town.”

These yahoos that seemingly have time to protest but not work, believe it’s time for Schumer to “crack the whip” on the Democratic party and “whip” them into shape.  In that vein, protesters were seen waving whips to shake like pom poms.

Schumer has stated publically that he intends to oppose at least eight of President Trump’s cabinet nominees.  He has previously voted “yes” on three of them – Gen. James Mattis for the Department of Defense, Gen. John Kelly for the Department of Homeland Security and Mike Pompeo for the CIA.

Meanwhile, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and Republicans watched as the left continues to devolve and eat their own.  It seems the circus continues with more childish spectacles. Many calling out the leftist crazies with tweets asking when these “protesters” were going to ever stop whining and get a job (and not the one George Soros is paying them to do).

Many have denounced Schumer’s tears as nothing more than an act, especially in light of the fact that in 2015 Schumer himself was on board with a temporary immigration hiatus from Syria.  I guess the left has also forgotten that just a few weeks ago Cuban refugees were denied entry or that the left was on board with an immigration hiatus for Iraqis back in 2011.  I guess they forgot that Obama and his regime dropped more than 26,000 bombs on the same region.

Hypocrisy?  Thy name is Democrat! The rule of law and the Constitutional process seems to be lost on these folks as they whip themselves in a never ending frenzy to get their way. Keep whining while President Trump keeps winning YUGE!

h/t – NYPost

God Bless.

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