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Dozens of illegal aliens surrounded Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) home in New York on Tuesday demanding that Congress pass legislation immediately to give millions of people in the United States illegally amnesty and a pathway to citizenship, Breitbart reports.

Democrats agreed on Monday to end the government shutdown, the Republicans assured them that the senate would consider provisions to protect DACA and the dreamers.

Illegal Aliens across our nation are protesting and demanding amnesty for citizenship, fighting for the DACA program and Obama’s “dreamers” legislation.

Schumer is the point person pushing to allow open borders to illegal aliens and free health care, all paid by the American public taxes.

“We want a Clean Dream Act,” the crowd chanted.

“When do we want it?” they chanted.

“Now!” they chanted.

Why was ICE not on scene detaining these illegals and processing them back to wherever they belong?

America is not for sale, we do not negotiate with terrorists and we certainly should not be allowing illegals to protest and do so with 0 accountability.

These illegals are allowed to get away with breaking the law, which you and I would be punished for doing.

The crowd chanted in Spanish and English to Schumer; “If he won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep.”

United We Dream, is funded by Democrats, Hillary’s Resistance Movement, open border organizations and George Soros.

From the “United We Dream” website, they proclaimed the New York protest and it the group’s agenda:

Our community is outraged by the Senate vote to pass a temporary budget deal with no solution for Dreamers. Instead of holding firm for Dreamers, Senator Schumer and most Senate Democrats backed down from their commitment to stand up for our communities.

Join us outside Senator Schumer’s house to remind him: Our lives are on the line, Chuck! We need a clean Dream Act Now–not in three weeks. Now. 122 Dreamers will continue to lose their status every day, potentially losing their jobs and being put at risk of deportation. Congress can’t continue to push the lives of 800,000 youth and their families aside. Dreamers are tired of empty promises and need a legislative solution NOW!

It is past time for Senator Schumer to use his political power in Congress as the minority leader and finally bring home a clean #DreamActNow for undocumented youth, without compromising the future of their families by funding a racist wall and increased border security measures that only tear families apart.

I hope American citizens fight back against the illegal aliens and utilize the opportunity for contact via their website.

We can only hope that President Trump has 0 tolerance for such garbage and that a heavy push is issued to track down and deport illegal aliens.

I do not care what the Democrats think and what their politicians are pushing, this is the United States of America and we openly accept those who migrate here LEGALLY.  We are supposed to punish those who break the law and cross our borders ILLEGALLY by sending them back to their home nation.

President Trump understands border security is for the greater good of our nation and that the only way to protect America and put America first, is to build the WALL and create a Border Patrol system that keeps criminals, terrorists, narcotics, human trafficking and slew of the worlds trash from threatening US citizens and our way of life.

We the People need to be vocal and show our President that we stand united with him and that we will not allow the Democrats and illegal aliens to destroy our nation.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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