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  1. The Mark of the Beast has arrived… one will be able to buy or sell without taking the mark either in the hand or in the forehead…..

  2. Suzanne Babbitt says:

    Mark of the beast!

  3. If you think about it. You are already marked. They can track you now. A chip won’t make any difference. Everybody already has an ID (tracker of some sort), Smart Phone???

  4. IvanRider says:

    Scientists measure data. Propagandists preach future law as “essential.” To call them “scientists” is to disgrace the field of science.

  5. Ronn Mason says:

    Still don’t believe in God and the Bible?? I believe that if people think that what is happening today and is written in the Bible is not happening now, then they are closing their eyes to what will be their own demise in the end. Everything we are seeing today is written, think it’s a coincidence?

  6. UnapologeticWhiteMale says:

    Horse shit

  7. LieutenantSword says:

    Not optional? My AR-15 says differently.

  8. Jacalyn Clarahan says:

    That will be after the gun fight. No way in Hell are they putting any chip in me.

  9. Daniel AndBillie Cotter says:

    Not very weighty a claim, if you can only reference “scientists” and not quote even one.

    • Rugged_Individualism says:

      It’s a garbage story.

    • Truth Speak says:

      I don’t think we are too far away from this actually, Sweden is using them for security purposes. People in the building they are using these in willingly went in and had one injected, it is used for everything from getting in the front door to running the copy machine…Just a bit more technology and it will be true, we are now using micro chips in credit cards. The mark of the beast will soon be here.

  10. Rugged_Individualism says:

    Better call your congressperson. Tell them you need protection from this. They’ll create a new department and new laws and… oh, wait, that’s the problem to begin with. Run everyone – run! Panic, mayhem, big brother, koch brothers, banksters, liberals, republicans, run run run they’re after you!! /s / Good gawd people get a grip.

  11. And the Dems would still insist that you don’t need one to vote

  12. Truth Speak says:

    Mark of the beast, it’s not too far away, our pets are micro chipped…think about it folks…

  13. Much easier to add it to the yearly flu vaccine for adults, and school required vaccines for children. Your new ATM/credit card probably has one already.

  14. Corey Keyes says:

    Not optional my ass. I’ll die before my choices are taken away. If they force it, I will just remove it myself.

  15. DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

    Resistance till the pry my weapon from my cold dead hands.

    Semper Fidelis

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