Scumbag Mom Beats The HELL OUT Of High School Kid, WATCH What Happens Next! (Video)


In Texas, a Mexican scumbag who is actually a parent has been arrested for fighting a high school student according to police reports.

The Mexican, who is probably an illegal alien was caught on video attacking a student in the Miller High School courtyard.

Mary Alice Hernandez has since been charged with assault causing bodily injury in Corpus Christi after footage of her attack went viral on social media.


Cellphone video of the attack was posted to Facebook last week as part of a public plea by the student’s mother to find the woman involved, Caller Times reported.

The girl’s mother, Julie Piñon, wrote in the post that the woman assaulted her daughter got into a fight with the woman’s daughter. A witness shared the video with Piñon and it quickly went viral.

Here is her Facebook post:

“Please help me find this lady…my daughter didn’t want to hit her because she didnt want to disrespect her since shes an older woman.. They live in sagewest apts and the daughters name is Virginia hernandez ..this lady had the balls to do this after my daughter and her daughter fought one on one…please share and the dude on the video has all the fault for letting this grown ass woman touch on my kid!



The whole story is as follows:

A kid by the name of Roel Garza, who goes to my daughter’s school, spread a disgusting rumor about my daughter that was untrue. My daughter, feeling violated, confronted him. Roel is the one who called that girl, Virginia to come and beat up my daughter. She showed up at my daughter’s school with her mom, Mary Alice munquia, knowing my daughter was still there for volleyball practice. Virginia approached my daughter and a fight started, the fight my daughter won. Virginia’s mother apparently couldn’t handle the defeat and decided to attack my daughter. My daughter did not want to fight the woman back, partly out of respect, and also because the woman clearly had an entourage that would have, without a doubt, hurt my daughter even worse.”

“My daughter didn’t want to hit her because she didn’t want to disrespect her since she’s an older woman,” Piñon wrote in the Facebook post.

Piñon said that her daughter had previously been in a fight with Hernandez’s child, but at this time we are not sure what caused that battle either.

at Right Wing News has more.

I can never imagine what would go through the head of an adult with such poor reasoning skills as to jump immediately to violence as the solution to whatever petty high school issue is being hashed out here. You’d have to have brain damage to have such a hair trigger. I can’t imagine she’s a good mother to her own child if “severe beatings” is her solution to conflict.

The video, which was filmed on a cellphone by a fellow student, shows Hernandez striking the high school in the head repeatedly outside of the school building but still on the grounds. The film clip shows Hernandez beating the girl into the ground before running off.

Here’s another version just in case one gets deleted by the liberal run media:

YouTube video courtesy of Caller-Times |

A person who witnessed the fight at Miller High School Oct. 16, 2017, shared the video with the student’s mother, who later shared it on social media.

Mother of Miller HS teen allegedly beaten by adult speaks out

YouTube video courtesy of KZTV Action 10 News

Corpus Christi Independent School District Police Chief Kirby Warnke said last week officers had been actively looking for Hernandez.

Now she’s behind bars at the Nueces County Jail. Her bail was set at $25,000, jail officials said.

Lock her worthless ass up.



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