ALERT: Why Did Police Get A SEARCH Warrant AFTER Muslim Cop KILLS Unarmed White Women In Minneapolis?


It has been 12 days, nearly two weeks since Mohamed Noor shot Justine Damond, killing her.  Yet he has STILL provided no explanation whatsoever.  He is still refusing to answer questions from investigators.

At present, we have more questions than answers and adding to that growing list of questions is just WHY did the Minneapolis Police Department feel it necessary obtain a search warrant for Damond’s home after Noor shot and killed her? What exactly did they hope to find?


According to local Minneapolis/St. Paul news affiliate KSTP –

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Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigators were granted permission to search Justine Damond’s home hours after she was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, according to court records…


“I don’t understand why they’re looking for bodily fluids inside her home,” said Joseph Daly, an emeritus professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, referring to one of two recently-released search warrant applications.

“Whose bodily fluids are they looking for? Is she a suspect? I don’t understand why they’re looking for controlled substances inside her home. I don’t understand why they’re looking for writings inside her home. The warrant does not explain that to me.”


What possible reason could the police have to do this?  What would justify the search the home of an unarmed, pajama clad woman directly outside the home in question just after she had called 911 to report a possible sexual assault in the hours just after she had been shot and killed by police? Some speculate that the police were searching for something, anything they could use to claim the shooting was justified.  Clearly, nothing was found though it seems not lack of trying.

Adding to the tension is the fact that Damond was from Australia, a woman that was living in Minnesota and set to marry her American fiance in August. A lot of Australians are demanding an explanation and they are incensed that no answers are forthcoming. It seems what is being done right now is almost WORSE than nothing.

Rather than answers from Noor – himself a native of Somalia – excuses are being made by the Minneapolis Police Department.  The reason provided for shooting an unarmed woman outside her home for daring to call 911? MPD claims Damond “slapped” the police car just before Noor shot her.

I think that is literally the lamest, most ridiculous bit of nonsense I have ever heard offered in an attempt to excuse the unnecessary death of an innocent woman. Not to mention IF it is true, and I am not inclined to believe that it is at this point when exactly did slapping a car become subject to a search warrant?

Then there is the question of after shooting and killing an unarmed person and refusing to comply with an investigation why exactly is Mohamed Noor still getting a paycheck?  The Minneapolis Police chief was forced to resign, yet Noor is still on a taxpayer funded vacation.

Leftist rag Vox is intent  on making the death of Damond at the hands of the Somali officer a race issue and have decided that Damond’s death only seems to matter because she is “white” —


Never mind that Damond had no criminal history whatsoever.  She was not grabbing for an officer’s gun or attempting to in any way attack the officers.  She had committed no crime and there is literally no evidence that she did.  Let’s ignore all of that Vox — you solved the mystery!  It’s because she’s white!

<<<eye roll>>>

That is literally one of the most disgusting excuses for race baiting I have seen.  The fact remains Damond’s death has highlight significant issues with Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges office as well as the Minneapolis Police Department.  The city is a leftist bastion of political correctness and it shows when the citizenry is being gunned down for simply calling 911.  Yet all the department can do is offer the lame explanation that Damond supposedly “slapped” the police car after they rip her home apart for an unnecessary search warrant looking for God only knows what….

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