Seattle Just Passed A Tax Gun Owner’s WON’T Be Happy With… #2A #NRA




Liberals… First it was the city of Seattle raising the minimum wage to a ridiculous $15 an hour. Now we have this as another sign Seattle may soon be announcing they are leaning towards going heavily into the automotive industry just like Detroit. In the long term they’d expect the tax payers to bail them out also.

Amazing how liberal ideologies always end this way. Reality will set in and the people of Seattle will elect some folks who are not swayed by special interest groups. In the meantime though this is what the hard working people of Seattle are facing.

 at Seattle PI reports:

Gun-rights advocates protested, but a Seattle City Council committee on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve a two-pronged gun-safety plan, which would tax sales of guns and ammunition in Seattle and require that gun owners report the theft or loss of any firearm within 24 hours. The council is slated to give final approval to the measure on Monday.

Harborview Medical Center treated 253 victims of gun violence in 2014 at a cost of $17 million, $12 million of that borne by the taxpayers, so it is right to “ask the gun industry to chip in and help defray those costs,” Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess, sponsor of the legislation, told colleagues.

The $25 tax on gun purchases will cause buyers to “travel to retailers outside Seattle,” Trevor Santos, manager of government relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, told council members. The burden of the tax, which also includes a five-cents-per-cartridge tax on ammunition, would fall on “law-abiding gun owners,” argued Santos, because criminals don’t patronize legitimate gun dealers (who run background checks). The tax is expected to bring $300-500,000 a year to city coffers, although officials said Wednesday that the estimate is not one you can take to the bank.

The council members were unmoved. Burgess and council member Sally Bagshaw noted that Congress recently extended a ban that forbids the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from studying the underlying causes of gun violence. The ban was imposed in 1996 at the behest of the National Rifle Association. “If we want research money, this is the only way to get it,” said Bagshaw.

An additional ‘tax’ of a nickel a round for ammunition? That effectively doubles the price of some ammunition. Sorry, but I would get mine through mail-order or from somewhere else out of town before I’d pay those rates. All this is doing is hurting the sales of businesses within the city limits, and having zero effect on firearms safety. It may very well have a negative effect on the safety aspect. Discouraging people from buying the ammunition they need to get out to the range and practice. I don’t think this was very well thought out.

The fact is that there is no point in arguing with liberal gun-control advocates because their argument is never in good faith. They slander gun owners as murderers. They lie about their ultimate objective, ban and confiscate all privately owned weapons. And they adopt a pose of reasonability, yet their position is not susceptible to change because of evidence, facts or law. None of those matter, they already have their conclusion.



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