BREAKING: BRAND NEW Secret Emails From Obama’s FBI RELEASED, And They’re BAD!


On Friday evening, new emails were released from the Obama-era FBI, and they show that bureau was far more concerned with covering up crimes than it was upholding justice.

Last summer, while Hillary Clinton was under investigation for having an illegal email server, her husband Bill tracked down and had a secretive meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at an Arizona airport. At the time, they had hoped nobody would ever learn about the clandestine meeting, but a patriotic member of one of their security details leaked news of it to the local press, and just like that it became a national story.


Coincidentally (there’s no such thing as an actual coincidence), Hillary Clinton would be exonerated from her crimes by disgraced FBI Director James Comey just days later. Meanwhile, as news of Lynch’s meeting with Bill spread like wildfire across the nation, there was a concerted effort by the FBI and Justice Department to run “damage control” and downplay the meeting as much as they possibly could.

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Last night, emails between top Justice Department and FBI officials regarding the infamous encounter were released, and they’re not good for the bureau’s credibility, at all.


According to the Daily Wire, the emails are from a span of a few days, and they show how the FBI and Justice Department carefully crafted talking points – talking points that are all redacted in the released emails – to explain away the meeting as if it were nothing, even though it was really something huge.

The emails, spanning from July 1-3, 2016, contain correspondence among various DOJ officials to the leaking of the impromptu 30-minute meeting between Lynch and Clinton that the AG insists was merely a personal chat about their grandchildren and recent travels, but what many continue to suspect had something to do with the ongoing investigation of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Comey’s press conference in which he announced that he would not request Lynch to pursue charges was on July 5.


Katie Pavlich of Town Hall has more:

A series of emails show one FBI official, whose name and email are redacted, fuming over leaks to the media about the meeting and what happened on the tarmac. The official received an email from a “layman” alleging a local Phoenix police officer who may have talked to a reporter “sounds like a security threat.” Officials went back and forth about finding out if the officer was SWAT or simply worked the motorcade and that “at a minimum” he should never work another detail again. One asked if local law enforcement assisting the FBI on motorcades should sign non-disclosure agreements in the future. Another official called an Observer article about the meeting, with details about how President Clinton got to Lynch’s private plane, “infuriating.”

It’s worth noting that demoted FBI Agent Peter Strzok, who was the lead investigator into Hillary Clinton’s private server, was also included in the emails. Other officials include Comey and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Of course, what’s actually “infuriating” is the fact Lynch and Clinton thought it a good idea to have a secret meeting to begin with. But thanks to the FBI and Justice Department becoming highly politicized under the leadership of Comey and Lynch, both agencies cared not about true justice and finding the truth for the American people, but instead making sure to cover up the crimes of their Democrat overlords.

It’s no wonder Americans no longer have faith in our government.

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