BREAKING: Secret ‘HIGH RISK’ Muslim Refugee Program With THIS Country Exposed… Obama SCRAMBLING

Top Republicans Demand Obama Declassify Secret Refugee Deal With Australia….

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Obama has to give American one last stick in the eye before he goes.  He has made plans to accept 2,500 refugees mostly of Middle Eastern origins held in Australian-funded off-shore detention camps in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.


These are refugees Australia has deemed to be too dangerous to come into their country by denying their asylum claims, but these refugees refuse to go home. Not only does Obama want to bring them here to America, he wants to do it in secret.  He has classified all details with regards to the refugees!

Now Key Republicans are demanding that details of Obama’s secret refugee deal with Australia be brought to light, “The American people have the right to be fully aware”. 

Senate and House Judiciary chairmen called on the White House on Tuesday to demand that all documents be declassified in regards to this refugee deal.   They are demanding that Americans be given the details of a secret agreement to accept some 2,500 refugees. Australian has not made public their reasoning for not allowing these refugees into their country. many Human Rights groups have been highly critical of the detention camps they are being held in currently.


Many Human Rights groups have been highly critical of the detention camps they are being held in currently. The White House agreed in November to resettle many of them in the U.S., but in an unprecedented move, has classified the details of the plan. Why all the secrecy? What is Obama hiding? Vital information is being withheld from the American people about these refugees by the self-proclaimed “most transparent Administration.”

Republicans Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative Bob Goodlatte have raised valid concerns with regard to the classification of the details concerning this refugee resettlement to the United States.  They also state that Congress should have been consulted about the agreement, except they weren’t.  Obama and his “magic pen” again attempting to rule the world. After attending a closed-door briefing with the White House about the resettlement details, they are convinced there is “absolutely … no reason” for the specifics of the plan to be kept a secret from the American public.


DHS officials are already on their way to interview refugees there recommended for resettlement, and according to The Center for Immigration Studies, as many as 1,600 of them could be resettled in America before Obama leaves office in January 2017 despite the wishes of many Americans and without consulting the states’ these refugees will be dumped on.  Those same states that will be expected to use their taxpayer-funded resources to care for them, yet have no say-so in whether they can handle the financial burden of these refugees.

The U.S.-Australia deal comes only a couple of months after Australia announced it would take part in the U.S.-led effort to resettle Central American “refugees” from a processing center in Costa Rica. Australia is to increase its refugee intake to 18,750 (up 5,000 from 13,750) by 2018-19. The announcement was made in September at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees hosted by president Obama in New York. 

Australia recently agreed to take in Central American refugees, making it look like Obama agreed to take in refugees from less desirable parts of the world in exchange for Australia’s participation in taking the more desirable refugees.  This has caused many to speculate that this was an exchange of refugees or a “people swap” if you will, with Americans getting the shaft yet again.

h/t – Daily Caller



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