Secret Meeting Between Comey And Trump’s Republican Enemies EXPOSED- America Needs To Know This!

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As Russophobia Reaches New Heights, Enemies Of Trump Schedule Classified Meeting With The FBI

This House (and Senate) of Cards needs to come tumbling down folks!  I just received word that Senators Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse have set up a secret meeting with FBI Director James Comey.  What in the world is going on around here?

Just the other day, Lindsey Graham announced that the FBI had responded to his letter demanding answers to the wiretapping debacle.  According to Graham, who was speaking at a hearing about Russian interference in the US presidential election, Director Comey agreed to meet but only under the protection of a classified briefing:

Senator Lindsey Graham said at a hearing this afternoon that the FBI had informed his office that its director would answer questions about Donald Trump‘s wiretapping charges – but not in public.

The FBI told his staff minutes before the hearing was due to start that it would respond to a March 8 letter Graham and Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse sent asking for information about warrants that may have been requested against Trump in a ‘classified briefing.’

Graham and his cross-aisle crony Sheldon Whitehouse both serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee, with each being the ranking member from their respective parties on the subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism.  So, it would seem, the FBI only caved when these weighty contenders threatened to subpoena the Director in order to get some answers.

But this is all quite baffling.  There has been no evidence of any wiretapping presented and the detractors that claim (exhaustively) that President Trump has no proof should perk their silly liberal ears up and riddle me this: if there isn’t any evidence of wiretapping then why does Comey need to meet with the senators behind closed doors?  Why is he demanding it be a confidential and classified briefing?

Today, Diane Feinstein and Chuck Grassley (the respective ranking members of the Judiciary Committee) met with Comey. When they left, Diane Feinstein looked like she was just told every hope she ever had was dead.  We can only assume she was told that Trump is right again!

John Miller may or may not be Donald Trump’s former publicist. We’ve given up asking.

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