ALERT: If You See THIS On Your Receipt From Walmart- Call The Police IMMEDIATELY


If you shop at Walmart then you will definitely want to see this. Apparently, Walmart has been ripping people off by charging them for an item that doesn’t even exist! 

Sharon Bufford went to Walmart the other day and when she got home she notice that there was an item on her receipt that made no sense at all. 

She took to Facebook to explain her situation and to warn others about this scam.

Here is her post in it’s entirety:

“I shopped at Walmart in Clinton today. I was charged $10 for absolutely nothing.

The item is JAJKET 000000000001K.

I called them when I got home and was told that this is a phantom item. It randomly comes up even though it is not scanned.

When I asked how long it has been happening, I was told almost 10 years. They know about this. It randomly gets added to your ticket and unless you are checking or paying attention then you pay for it without getting anything for it.

Going tomorrow to get a refund. This is ridiculous! They know it happens, but haven’t told anyone.

Told me they can’t purge it from their system. When I wondered how many times this has happened to me before they seemed to not care.

How many times has it happened to others?

I sent an email to corporate office. Hope somebody fixes this!

If I took $10 merchandise and said it was a phantom, I bet I would be seeing the inside of a jail cell!

Watch your receipts! It supposedly comes up same letters and numbers every time.”

Here is her receipt- I have highlighted the item, code  and price in question. 

Here are a few responses from pissed off Walmart shoppers!

You know I’ve got every receipt from Walmart I should check mine they owe me some money that is so unfair

The “k” at the end means it was hand keyed by the cashier not an error. That cashier is ripping customers off!!!!

That why I don’t go to walmart

The cashier is taking the cash otherwise the register would be over.

Ooo. I’d be definitely giving. Piece of my mind

The cashier is skimming the till.

This darn well ticks me off!!! Should tick everyone off!!!!! Going to go over every ticket from now on!!

I think that would be the thing to do is to fix the problem because you can’t never trust anybody anymore not these days

Contributions go directly to Clinton Found -ation

It has happened more than twice with me but i am still at store and makevthem check what i bought for the price they charged me and i make them pay me back

I’m sure someone will blame it on trump lol

It’s the RUSSIANS!!!

That’s why I won’t shop there!!!!! How much money have they made over 10 years…….MILLIONS!!!!!!!!

You get the idea.

My advice is to check your receipts and don’t shop at that crappy store.

(h/t The Federalist Papers)



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