Have You Seen What Rosie O’Donnell Is Doing NOW? This Is Beyond INSANE…


Has-been Rosie O’Donnell is desperately seeking fame and attention.  In an effort to prove she is still relevant, Rosie is chomping at the bit with taking that gender fluidity just a titch too far in her attempts to land a role-playing Steve Bannon on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

And to be sure her interest in the role in question was not misunderstood, Rosie posted the hashtag – #BannoninChief:

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SNL known for its sketch comedy show has spoofed and lampooned politicians alike and currently has actor Alec Baldwin playing President Donald Trump. With the notably left-leaning bias the show has, nothing on the right is sacred and the venom and vitriol the actors on the show have reserved for this administration is not hidden.

Comedian Melissa McCarthy is playing White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday’s show and social media users have used the gender twist to appeal to Trump’s longtime nemesis to “take one for the team.” Rosie never one to shy away from any bid for attention took to the idea like a fat kid takes to cake.

Rosie says she’s very open to playing the role and changed her profile picture on Twitter in an effort to “get into character” showing just what she can do as a Bannon stand-in.

As with all entertainment, it’s all about ratings and viewership.  “Saturday Night Live” viewership up 22 percent in the “Trump era,” most of which is attributed to Alex Baldwin’s impression of President Trump.  As a result, the network “is in talks to air a 30-minute primetime weekly edition” of the show’s longest-running recurring sketch, Politico reported. In order to capitalize on the disaster that is Rosie and the ongoing feud that exists between her and President Trump,  NBC may well look to take her up on the offer as they are reportedly looking to spin-off a weekday version of “Weekend Update.”

All of which means NBC will need material and people…even if said people happen to be washed up comedians who long ago lost their appeal and only assume relevance by goading Donald Trump and being as gauche as possible. Rosie, as usual, takes crass to a whole new level — that picture is indeed, worth a thousand words. Poor Steve Bannon!


God Bless.

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