JUST IN: Senator From THIS State Makes SHOCK Announcement- Why Is He Not In PRISON?


California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Léon (D-Los Angeles) made a shocking announcement on the Senate floor on Tuesday, outraging Americans everywhere. While testifying before the Senate Public Safety Committee, De Léon stated that half of his family is in America illegally.

De Léon defended the widespread practice by illegal aliens of using fraudulently obtained government documents to work and obtaining taxpayer-paid benefits.  Yet he dismissed any concerns that California citizens may have about being the target of identity theft or of having their resources and tax dollars utilized on those that have flaunted American laws and never paid into the system.


I can tell you half of my family would be eligible for deportation under the executive order, because if they got a false Social Security card, if they got a false identification, if they got a false driver’s license prior to us passing AB60 (the sanctuary state bill), if they got a false green card, and anyone who has family members, you know, who are undocumented knows that almost entirely everybody has secured some sort of false identification. That’s what you need to survive, to work. They are eligible for massive deportation. We need to bring our communities together irrespective of legal status. And we need to, first and foremost, keep our communities safe. Gotta make them safe.”

That’s what you call a serious vested interest!

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Because people that break the law and sneak into a country while using forged documents to obtain benefits to which they are not entitled, in a country that is not their own is the key to keeping our communities safe? Seriously?  That’s the story you’re going with?

If California chooses to go this route, they will have to kiss $100 billion in federal funds goodbye.  All thanks to leftist crazies like this guy that for some reason seems to think his illegal, law breaking family members have more rights that the law abiding citizens of California. The proposed California Senate Bill 54 aims to protect all illegal aliens — even those who commit crimes — from being deported, as is required under U.S. federal law.


Apparently, De Léon didn’t stop to consider just how many Americans his announcement was going to outrage. America was quick to let him know via social media though with demands that politicians and their families be subject to the same laws as the rest of us.

On Wednesday De Léon went on KPCC 89.3’s Air Talk with Larry Mantle for an interview where De Léon expressed outrage that President Trump’s executive order would include those who possess fraudulent documents or committed identity theft to obtain a Social Security number to receive benefits to which they would not otherwise be entitled too.

At the 11:45 mark in the interview, De Léon states –

Someone simply who received or purchased a [fraudulent] Social Security card down at McArthur Park, or elsewhere in my district would be eligible immediately for mass deportation. He’s trying to deputize police officers — and with the suspicion of someone being a criminal or having a broken taillight, that they themselves, as a local police officer, could call the ICE agents immediately and have that person deported without even legal due process.

What part of ILLEGAL is hard to understand?  Is it the part where these people BROKE the LAW?  Or is it the part where they STOLE someone’s identity? Or the part where they committed FRAUD to obtain benefits that are not theirs to utilize?


Host Larry Mantle responded to De Léon with an incredulity, making sure to clarify that he did indeed hear what he thought he heard –

 “… First of all, I just — I want to make sure I understand correctly: You don’t think purchasing a phony Social Security card and number should be a deportable offense?”

De Léon replied –

I don’t think so … the vast majority of immigrants — hard working immigrants — have done that.  I can tell you I have family members specifically who came here as undocumented immigrants, and they did the same thing. That’s what you need to do to survive in this economy.”

Mantle voiced his objections to the utter lunacy that De Léon was peddling –

But of course the problem is, — and I know people too — who’ve had their Social Security numbers and identities stolen as a result of that….”

De Léon went on throughout the interview attempting to minimize the issue with claims that these folks were just hard working people trying to survive.

Perhaps that’s true and in some cases that may very well be, but aren’t we as Americans doing the same?  Why is it that in my own family of immigrants that my grandfather chose to do things the RIGHT way, working 3 jobs to save up money for passage to bring my grandmother over to America.  Being an American was a source of pride for them, they obtained their citizenship, worked hard, and made a good life for their children and grandchildren. Apparently, De Léon believes his own family is above that notion and chooses to advocate for his family and others to disregard the very laws he is in charge of passing. Perhaps a new career choice is soon to be in your future Mr. De Léon.  You have violated your oath of office and your services are no longer required by “We the People.”

God Bless.

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