ALERT: Senile Biden And Failed VP Harris’s Announcements Did NOT Age Well About Jussie Smollett- LOOK!


As you know by now Jussie Smollett who is Black and gay has been found guilty on 5 out of 6 charges in the alleged hate crime hoax trial.

The jury found Smollett GUILTY on the first five counts and was found ‘Not Guilty’ on charge #6 –aggravated battery, wearing a hood or mask to conceal his identity – after a contentious week of witness testimony, counsel arguments and deliberation, FOX reports.

Some say he staged the fake hate crime to further his career while others like myself believe that he did this because he hates Trump and white people.

Anyways, in light of the verdict a hell of a lot of libs are eating crow- including our DEMENTED President and our USELESS and RACIST Vice President.

More from Amber Crawford at 100 Percent Fed Up:

Two years ago, Biden and Harris took to Twitter and adamantly defended Jussie Smollett, calling his “attack” a “modern-day lynching”. They expressed their support for him as well as their disgust for the homophobic and racist actions of supposed White supremacist Trump supporters.

These two were already ridiculed online for jumping to conclusions and supporting a man who had Tweeted out vulgar, hateful things to President Trump. Today, the Tweets are even more embarrassing since Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of staging a hate crime against himself and for filing a false police report.

Right after this happened, the public had already suspected this story was fabricated. However, Biden and Harris took to Twitter to express their explicit support for Smollett.

Biden tweeted at the time: “What happened today to @JussieSmollett must never be tolerated in this country. We must stand up and demand that we no longer give this hate safe harbor; that homophobia and racism have no place on our streets or in our hearts. We are with you, Jussie.”


Harris also voiced her support and love for the criminal with her Tweet:

“@JussieSmollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know. I’m praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate.”


The “kind”, “gentle” human that Harris referred to was not only convicted of staging this hate crime and lying to the police, but he had also previously Tweeted an incredibly vulgar message to President Trump, saying:

“Shut the hell up you b**** a** n****. You will continue to run this country further into the ground and risk lives every time you breathe. You’re not the president. Just a dumpster full of hate. FOH. Sick to my stomach that literal s*** currently represents America to the world.”

Smollett is a filthy SCUMBAG!

Liberal Hollywood elites, the Communist run leftist media and politicians also defended the foulmouthed liar.

Like I said, a hell of a lot of leftwing loonies are eating crow.

Anyone with a braincell knew that this story was complete bullshit.

Unfortunately, Smollett will most likely still get off with a slap on his limp wrist.


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God Bless.

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