Former NBC star and now disgraced serial pervert who literally had an electric lock installed on his office door so he could rape women without them escaping just received some really bad news.

Lauer, who was canned from NBC after it was revealed that he abused his power within the company to sexually harass, intimidate, and otherwise do disgusting things that no normal guys would ever do, has lived in a giant $36-million mansion in the Hamptons, which was owned by another scumbag before Lauer – Bernie Madoff – for years with his wife Annette Rogue and their three children.


While everything was going great in Lauer’s life, or at least the side of it he didn’t keep secret, the family would spend most of their time in the magnificent home, when they weren’t vacationing at one of their other multi-million-dollar estates, that is.

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However, after it was basically proven beyond a reasonable doubt (read: completely validated) that Lauer was a disgusting pervert who enjoyed exerting his power over vulnerable women whenever he was given the opportunity, which was basically any time a woman walked into his rape room, I mean office, or he found himself alone with a female co-worker in Russia while covering the Olympics and forced her to do nasty things knowing she wouldn’t say a word, or pretty much any time he had a semi and thought it was up to whatever woman who was around him to take care of, Rogue, being the smart woman that she is, told Lauer to get the hell out of the mansion and don’t come back, the Daily Mail reported.


Matt Lauer has reportedly been kicked out of his $36 million Hamptons compound by his wife.

This move comes just weeks after multiple women came forward to accuse the disgraced anchor of inappropriate sexual behavior 

Annette Roque, who Lauer has been married to for 19 years, forced him out of the estate where they live with their three children over the weekend, according to Page Six.

A source close to the family said Lauer is staying at a home nearby so he can be close to the two kids who still live at home. His oldest son attends a boarding prep school.

This move comes just weeks after multiple women came forward to accuse the disgraced anchor of inappropriate sexual behavior

Then,m (sic) just this past week, Lauer’s former co-anchor Ann Curry spoke about her time on Today for the first time, saying their (sic)was a culture of verbal sexual harassment on the |NBC morning show.

Aww, the poor guy. Hims doesn’t have his big house to play in anymore. What’s he ever to do now?

Seriously though. Infidelity is no joke, and anyone guilty of it is just a horrible person. But especially when it comes to the courts, infidelity is the one thing the victim of the heating can use to completely destroy their so-called “partner” (partners don’t go out looking for milk when they own a dairy farm with their significant other).

So If Rogue wanted to, she could, and should, totally take him to the cleaners and make sure he’s emptying trash cans at a federal prison for men for the rest of his reprehensible life. Even that wouldn’t be retribution enough for what he did to so many innocent and vulnerable women.

I mean, an electric lock on your f-n OFFICE DOOR?! How freaking sick can you get?!?!

Maybe it’s time to do two things; one, stiffen the punishment for provable cases of sexual assault, rape, and battery (harassment intentionally left out because it’s a very subjective issue), by not only chemically castrating these sick bastards, but turning them into eunuchs, humanly of course, so they can’t ever hurt a woman again.

Two, make infidelity a criminal offense punishable by up to a year in jail if your marriage contract is breeched, which is agreed upon by both parties on the day you take your vows and sign your wedding certificates (legally-binding contracts); if you breach your contract and cheat on your spouse at any point dur8ing your marriage, you’re guilty of a crime punishable by up to a year in jail, the forfeiture of all assets owned by the married couple, regardless of when they were obtained – either before or after the marriage – or a fine of up to $50,000, or any and all punishments depending on the severity of the infidelity and the duration for which it occurred.

Not only would both of these ideas cut down on the number of broken hearts suffered by people who thought they had a loyal partner for life, but it would keep families together, ensure that when people get married, they know it’s to “the one,” and save millions of children from growing up in single-parent homes reliant upon taxpayer dollars to survive because one of the parents was a deadbeat, saving We, the People, untold sums of money.

Plus, I can say this with absolute certainty, losing your penis in its entirety is one hell of a deterrent for not even thinking about raping a woman, let alone doing so and risking being caught. As an added bonus, the victim, or a person of their choosing, would get to choose between an ax, a machete, a chainsaw, or a butter knife to remove said penis.

However, in both of these cases, we’d have to raise the bar as far as burden of proof is considered, to ensure the innocent didn’t lose their wieners and the faithful didn’t lose everything they have. But, with a little effort it could be done.

Too bad the left wouldn’t ever allow such things to happen, but then again, they seem to dislike useful ideas…like a lot.

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