Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Schools CNN’s Erin Burnett On Economics And The “1%” (VIDEO)



Kevin O’Leary from the reality show The Shark Tank, breaks it down to CNN’s Erin Burnett on Obama and his economics, along with the 1%. He has a long history of telling liberals like it is and defending capitalism.

O’Leary said in a recent interview with Burnett, “The reason they’re the 1% is because they created businesses, products and services that were very successful, employed millions of people, paid billions in taxes. All of the wealth in America doesn’t come from government at all. It comes from the backs of people like the 1% that created the businesses and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Don’t tell me you want to redistribute wealth again.”
Watch the interview below:


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YouTube video via TheNewsCommenter


Our country started in the same fashion with young people working long hard hours, including what we call “children” today. The pay was low and the work was hard, BUT better than no work at all. Many success stories and new businesses grew out of those poverty-stricken, sweaty workers. As a nation we exploded the industrial world, then the high tech world. Growth begets growth, and then economic creation for everyone. But today, all you libs want to stifle those countries and those poor people by demanding the companies pay them more than they have ever imagined could be made. When jobs and “living wages” come without any sacrifice or self-discipline they are soon unimportant and unsatisfying.

For example, Wal-Mart pays more than minimum wage for their low-skilled workers. It is not their job to guarantee “living wages” to anyone because what one person considers a viable lifestyle may not be another’s. Obviously, plenty of people line up to get jobs at Wal-Mart. If they are good workers they move up the ladder, which is called incentive and economic progress. Their market is people who are concerned about PRICES of goods. No one shops there so they can help the employees make a nice living wage, nor do they at any other business.


Here’s a simple solution, lower taxes instead of raising minimum wage, then they will be able to afford to live. Those costs are inflated, because of minimum wage, restrictive regulation costs and compliance costs that are passed onto the consumer. Rents will come down as well, as operating costs will come down. Competition will force rents to be low as they possibly can be. Lower property taxes to no property taxes means rents are more affordable.

Corporations are making billions of dollars in profits every year, with the US GDP, we really shouldn’t compare our corporate tax rate to any other countries. It could be much north of 39% and corporations would still be making money to live nicely. Sending that money overseas is unethical in the first place, so getting it back should have little to do with ethics as a priority, and the incentive should be true to America and put that money back into the economy to help the same people who are buying and using your products or services.

One last thought is growing up in the early nineties when young prospective employees were filling out applications at random businesses we knew that there would be competition for the said job we were applying for, especially during the summer months when high school and college students had no classes. Fast forward twenty years with all the amnesty and illegal immigration the population has grown at such a staggering rate while the outsourcing of jobs has itself cut down on temporary and part time work young Americans are looking at a mountain to climb before they even make it out of the educational system.

This must change or soon we will live an American nightmare instead of THE AMERICAN DREAM.



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