Sharpton Blames White ‘Racists’ For Black Church Burnings… Get’s A HUGE Surprise

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Several ‘Black churches’ have been deliberately set on fire this month in and around Ferguson, St Louis, the hot-spot of racial tension after the justified shooting of the black criminal, Michael Brown by a white police officer, Darren Wilson.

Professional race-baiters including Al Sharpton, liberal websites and “Black Lives Matter” activists wasted no time claiming that White Supremacists and other White “hate groups” were obviously responsible for the fires in which 7 black churches were burned between Oct. 8 and Oct. 22.

Of course, as we mentioned, Al Sharpton blamed WHITE RACISTS. Here’s a screenshot of the article titled Sharpton Denounces ‘Racist’ Church Burnings In Ferguson, Demands FBI Investigation.

And the liberal rag Salon.



The screenshot of the article above, from Top Right News, is all that is left because it seems that the article has mysteriously disappeared in light of the fact that, wait for it…  St. Louis police finally caught the arsonist and it turns out HE IS BLACK MAN! LOL! OOPS!



Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the one and only 35-year-old David Lopez Jackson, a black man with an extensive criminal history! There’s nothing WHITE about that dude. The name Lopez, however is a Latino name if I’m not mistaken. Morons.

My friend and colleague,  at BizPac Review reports:

Now that Jackson has been arrested and, so far, charged with two counts of arson it will be interesting to monitor how those same voices react.

Jackson has been linked by forensic evidence to one of the church fires while video caught images of his vehicle near the scene of another, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Police Chief Sam Dotson said authorities were still determining a motive but said Jackson is also a suspect in the other 5 church fires.

To their credit, church leaders did not jump to the conclusion of racist motivation for the fires and one told the Post-Dispatch that he was relieved an arrest had been made.

“I feel like it’s an answer to prayer. The whole metropolitan area can breathe a sigh of relief. We’re very thankful that the fires didn’t hurt anyone physically. Everyone will be very interested in finding out the motivation,” Rev. Roderick K. Burton, of New Northside Missionary Baptist Church told the Post-Dispatch.

While Jackson is still only a suspect, many on social media mocked those who were quick to call the arsons racially motivated.


And Carmine hit all the liberal sites- here’s one of his tweets.

Hell yeah brother! Insert foot into mouth! HEY AL! WHERE YOU HIDING BRO? You are nothing but a washed up, shriveled up, racist, tax evading, liberal hack. Fricking useless idiot. 

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