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Just hours after the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson was justified in the shooting of Michael Brown the riots broke out in Ferguson with people burning down the businesses that employ people as well as looting these businesses, burning cars, shooting guns and basically complete anarchy exploded. That was expected no matter what the Grand Jury announced.

But just minutes after the decision was announced President Obama came out on television and certainly didn’t help matters. Just like it didn’t help matters when he sent ‘delegates’ to a criminal’s funeral just because he was black. What kind of message is that supposed to send? It’s absurd!

Let’s move forward to another great leader… AL SHARPTON. This guy is hell bent on dividing the whites and blacks and I give him credit- he has done one hell of a job.

This from Breitbart:

“The appearance of the prosecutor made it clear to everyone why we had little faith in a state prosecution,” Sharpton said. This is why Sharpton, and others, previously demanded that the federal government get involved in the case.
The Brown family attorney, Benjamin Crump, also spoke at the event and complained about McCulloch. A “first year lawyer” would have done a better job of questioning Officer Wilson than the prosecutor in this case did, Crump said.
Crump repeatedly brought up race as a factor in the case, arguing that Brown did not get justice due to the color of his skin.
Sharpton also took issue with the fact that during the indictment announcement, McCulloch discredited some of the case’s “witnesses” who were not actually on the scene during the shooting. The prosecutor “methodically tried to discredit the witnesses,” the reverend asserted. “What is the purpose of Mr. McCullough trying to undermine the credibility of the witnesses?” He also complained that McCulloch publicly discredited Brown “who could not defend himself.”
Sharpton ultimately called for an emergency NAACP meeting in Washington, DC. He added that he — along with other leaders in the black community — are working to lay out a comprehensive plan for peaceful protest in the wake of the grand jury’s decision.

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