She Started Abusing His Mentally Disabled Co-Worker… Until This Happened


We here at America’s Freedom Fighters like to take a break in the every day problems we all deal with when it comes to the problems our country and world are facing on a daily basis and like they say, ‘Laughter is good medicine!’ We hope you enjoy! Dean James – AFF III%

I work in a retail store as an electronics clerk. A friend that I have known since kindergarten works there as well pushing shopping carts. He had a tragic automobile accident several years back and is now mentally disabled.

Anyways, today I was standing near the main entrance and he approached me and started asking me about the LED tv’s. We talked for a minute before a customer approached us and got right in his face and said “There Are no more shopping carts out there, YOU need to get more!” She talked to him as if disciplining a toddler.

(She could clearly see that he was ‘special’ and seemed to thrive on telling him how to do his job)

I was getting pretty angry and was about to put her in her place, and explain to her that he deals with the carts in the rear exit where there is less traffic. It isn’t safe for him out in the main entrance!

But before I could say a word he looked at her and calmly replied, “Your concern has been duly noted and I don’t give a sh*t.”

Greatest thing he has ever said!

As seen at Tickld!

LOL! How CLASSIC is this? Too funny! We hope you enjoyed this and want you to pass it on!



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