Sheriff Clarke Is TICKED OFF After MAJOR Black Lives Matter ANNOUNCEMENT- Look What He Posted On TWITTER


What does a pipeline have to do with Black lives matter?

That is the question being asked over and over and over again as the traffic halting hate group makes their way up to the Dakotas to stand beside protesters as they protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Many are baffled as to WHY exactly BLM feels the need to make their presence known at the Pipeline when the very cause they claim to be about – Black Lives Matter – is of significant issue in cities like Chicago.

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is one of those that are seriously confused by the priorities of BLM, stating he is utterly baffled at the conflicting message that is being sent.  When you claim your message is about black lives and how they matter.  You make claims that you are bringing attention to what you term as police brutality, yet Chicago has a record black homicide rate and you say nothing?


“Just heard Black LIES Matter is in North Dakota protesting Dakota Access Pipeline. What the hell are they doing there? Should be in Chicago,” Clarke tweeted.


Sheriff Clarke states

When I hear these things, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ the only people who really believe that are American police officers who go into American ghettos every day to keep people from killing each other. When you see the black-on-black homicide that happens on a very frequent basis, we don’t see protests, we don’t see marches, and we don’t see demands for change.  If black lives – if they really mattered, that’s where the outrage would be.  That’s where we would see the protests. Black Lies Matter is in North Dakota protesting Dakota Pipeline Access.  Blacks in the ghetto want better schools, jobs, and safer neighborhoods.”


Sheriff Clarke and several individuals speculated via Twitter that BLM is merely protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline because they are being paid to do so at the behest of billionaire George Soros. Soros gave $246 million to 100 anti-Trump groups behind this week’s “Day Without a Woman” protest, according to the Media Research Center. Soros is also believed to be the financing behind many of the anti-Trump riots around the country.

Others wondered allowed if the Black Lives Matter groups will leave behind as much trash, waste, and human pollution as the so-called environmental groups did when they left, costing millions of taxpayer dollars.

Many are concerned about the continued infringement upon the Native American land, specifically against the Standing Rock Sioux, as history shows that these people have been significantly abused by the United States government. However, to claim to be water protectors yet pollute the very ground you claim to want to protect shows a rather significant level of hypocrisy and that is what many Americans are currently finding very difficult to support. Add to that an alliance with a known Soros’ funded hate group?  The #NoDAPL protest is shaping up to be just another leftist “cause” that no one but fringe people want to support for reasons they can’t even articulate.

God Bless.

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