BREAKING NEWS About Sheriff Joe! Look Who Just Took Over Court Room To Try And Get Him Thrown In PRISON!


Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona is no stranger to controversy, especially given his extremely tough — and much needed — stance on immigration, so the fact he’s getting dragged into court for a ridiculously stupid reason isn’t all that surprising.

A man who stands up boldly for the idea that nations’s need borders and should protect themselves from those who seek to enter illegally and cause havoc on both our resources and our citizenry is bound to make enemies in the government, in the media, and in every other facet of our “bleeding heart” culture.


So who is attempting to soil the good name of Sheriff Joe now? The son and daughter-in-law of Sen. Jeff Flake. The reason? The young Austin Flake allegedly “suffered” emotional distress from an animal cruelty investigation.

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Fox News reports:


Jurors heard opening arguments Tuesday, including the claim that the younger Flake suffered from depression as a result of the now-dismissed animal cruelty case.

The jury was told that Flake and his ex-wife Logan Brown still suffer emotional distress from the charges they faced when 21 dogs at a kennel operated by the younger Flake’s in-laws died of heat exhaustion. The Flakes were watching the dogs while their in-laws were in Florida.


The couple’s lawsuit alleges Arpaio pursued charges against them to do political damage to the Republican senator from Arizona and gain publicity for himself.

Jeffrey Leonard, an attorney representing Arpaio and Maricopa County, said the charges against the couple were the result of a competent investigation.

Leonard made it clear the prosecutor in the case was not in any way forced to file charges against the couple. The case brought against the Flakes was eventually dismissed at the request of prosecutors, while the owner of the kennel in question pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges.

This lawsuit, brought about by the Flakes, is alleging that Arpaio had an axe to grind against the senior Flake — such a hilariously awful last name — so he attempted to link the senator to these dog deaths by surveilling his home and looking through phone records in an attempt to find out if Austin had called his dad while watching the animals.

So what’s the reason the Flakes give for why Arpaio would specifically target the senator? Because he disagreed with him on immigration. Yes, that’s for real the reason they are giving.

The current lawsuit from the Flakes doesn’t specify the amount they are seeking in damages, but is that really what they’re after? Of course not. They’re using this as a means to attempt to clear their names and get revenge on Arpaio for attempting to do his job.

Is it possible he lashed out at Sen. Flake through this? Anything’s possible, right? However, you have to look at the source and the cause of this litigation.

Sheriff Joe has been a favorite target of liberals due to the fact he has always taken a no nonsense approach to immigration and has sought to keep the people of his community safe from illegals by actually enforcing the law. This is a concept many liberals in our culture don’t seem to grasp.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the Flakes’ attempt at “vindication” turns out.



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