SHOCKER! Look Who Just Got A 21% Pay Raise While Regular Americans Are Struggling To Survive… There’s Just ONE Huge Problem



You just can’t make this up.

The world is in crisis mode and that includes America.

From the second Biden took over the White House in a rigged election he along with his corrupt and inept fellow Socialist/Democrats they have ruined America unlike anything we have ever seen.

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The economy is in shambles, the border is out of control, gas prices have soared as well as food prices and everything is more expensive.

People are literally living paycheck to paycheck and many of us have had to dip into our savings and retirement accounts just to be able to pay the bills.

What’s worse is that these democrats don’t give a shit.

In fact, while we peasants are struggling to keep our heads above water the democrats snuck a massive 21 percent increase in pay for themselves in one of their massive multi TRILLION dollar spending bills.


This really pisses me off.

And you can bet the farm if you still have one that this pay raise will NOT be reported by the Communist (US Government) controlled media.

Mac Slavo at has more:

Since March of 2020, Americans and the world alike have watched from the sidelines as power-hungry politicians have ushered in draconian lockdowns, shutdowns, police state measures and brought the economy to its knees. Now, thanks to the slavery spreading across the world, people everywhere are suffering, except those who are controlling them.

While governments around the planet used their central banks to devalue their currencies by printing money to fund their tyranny, the US-led the way down this road to fiscal horror. Hyperinflation is destroying the savings and financial security of most people, while at the same time, the masters decided they deserve more while we should be happy with less.

House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) and House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08), released a statement this month in which they literally applauded a massive 21 percent increase in pay for their offices. Not since 1996 has Congress passed such a monumental increase, according to a report by The Free Thought Project. 


WASHINGTON, DC – House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) and House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08), released the following statement this morning on the inclusion of a 21% increase in Member Representational Allowance (MRA) funding in the Fiscal Year 2022 Omnibus legislation. Leader Hoyer and Chair Jeffries have long advocated for this increase to the MRA in order to ensure that Members, leaders, and committees can attract and retain the best and brightest to help them serve the American people while promoting a more diverse workforce:

“For months, along with a number of our colleagues, we have been advocating for Congress to raise Member Representational Allowance (MRA) funding in the Fiscal Year 2022 Legislative Branch appropriations bill so that overworked and underpaid Congressional staff can receive a long-overdue pay raise.  We were very glad to see that the Omnibus appropriations package unveiled this morning includes the 21% MRA increase that we have been pushing to secure.  With Congressional staffers moving on to more competitive opportunities after an average of just three years, creating the space for raising staff pay across the board is critical to recruiting and retaining the best and brightest to help us serve our constituents, particularly in district offices that engage most directly with them on casework and services.  This will also help us recruit a more diverse workforce that reflects the American people we serve while keeping those on staff who have built up institutional knowledge essential to successful policymaking.  We join in thanking Chairwoman DeLauro and Ranking Member Granger as well as the Members on the Appropriation Committee for producing a bipartisan omnibus package that includes this increase in office budgets so that Congressional staff pay can be a priority and enhance this institution’s ability to deliver For the People.”

Naturally, this 21 percent raise was tucked neatly away in the $1.5 trillion spending bill somewhere inside the 2,700 pages that not a single member of Congress read. Hoyer and Jeffries said that this 21 percent increase is needed to “promote a more diverse workforce” and help in “retaining the best and brightest to help us serve our constituents.” In other words, it will better provide them an opportunity to enslave and control and steal from the rest of us.

Not coincidentally, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which tracks the cost of everyday items has seen a similar increase. It’s shot up a whopping 7 percent over the past year, the biggest increase in almost 40 years. Gas is up by almost 100 percent, beef is up 40 percent, and furniture by 11 percent.

When are we finally going to reject the horrific idea of statism? When will people actually wake up and realize they’ve been slaves and the ruling class has no intention of helping.  Their goal is to keep control over all of us.

This is absolutely outrageous considering what average Americans have been forced to endure as a direct result of the decisions and policies that the dems and never Trumper RINOS have done mostly based on their vile hatred for President Trump and his methods of achieving American greatness.

So these bastards are taxing the hell out of us to pay for illegal aliens and are deliberately destroying our energy independence so we will be forced to drive pricey electric cars which aren’t even close to being ready to replace our conventional gasoline vehicles and now they give themselves a hefty pay raise?

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I swear to you that most Americans are FED UP with this garbage and democrats are going to feel the pain in the mid-terms and in 2024.





I’ll end here before I say something that I might regret.







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God Bless.

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