SHOCKER: Muslim Leader Arrested For Pedophilia In Florida… Actually, It’s NOT Shocking At All



Police in Florida have arrested a leader of the Muslim group CAIR for attempting to have sex… with a 12-YEAR-OLD! Are you SHOCKED? Yeah, me neither.

From Louder With Crowder:


Ahmad Saleem is (was, no doubt) the Orlando regional coordinator of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). He is also a pedophile. In a recent police sting resulting in the arrests of 101 people involved in cybercrime prostitution and child-sex—Ahmad Saleem was caught red-handed. A red-hand you wouldn’t want to shake.

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See, he thought he was going to have sex with a 12-year-old girl, but when he got out of his car… all he found was a couple of cops. And they weren’t very nice. To be fair, that’s kind of how I prefer my cops to be with pedophiles – not very nice. They didn’t quite understand that Saleem was only following in the footsteps of the founder of his faith—the false-prophet– Muhammad.


After all, Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl. No, I’m not kidding.


YouTube video via StevenCrowder

Matter of fact, it seems that more than a few Muslims suffer from not knowing why they aren’t allowed to be pedophiles. It is a common problem in Islamic communities across the globe. Really. What’s more? Sexual perversion is a prevalent problem in Islam, and one that often goes uncorrected due to the lack of a civil voice given to women. One that also isn’t reported often in statistics because perpetrators never get tried, or it’s not even considered to be a crime at all. In Islam, a woman can be forcibly raped, and if there aren’t 4 witnesses, she can be the one sentenced to death. A wife can be sexually abused, and if the husband simply says “divorce, divorce, divorce”(three times is all that is required) she is left destitute and often shamed by society.

Did you know that Iran ranks 2nd in sex-change operations throughout the entire world with Thailand coming in 1st? LMAO! So, since homosexuality is punishable by death these freaks simply change boys into girls and then it’s fine to have sex with these children.

This is sickening-THEY are sickening! But, this is what their prophet teaches so they think it’s cool. Maybe it’s okay where you sand dwellers live but it’s NOT okay in my country- THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! GOD BLESS YOU PATRIOTS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! 


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  1. bobbyd118 says:

    cheating on his goat…….

  2. CAIR concerns me. I wonder if the Founders would have placed restrictions upon allowing what may be a diseased culture infecting the USA?

  3. Vinny Sheehan says:

    How old was the youngest girl Mohamad violated ? Islam is nothing more than a group of prevents who think it funny, great to screw 6-15 year old children. Islam seen for what it is.

  4. Rob Davidson says:

    Maybe U.S. customs needs to give them a DO’S and DON’T pamplet when they land in the Unied States. Do treat everyone with respect. DON’T have sex with farm animals.DO assimilate to the way we live . DON’T try to change our holidays, because they offend you. DO eat your halal food if that satisfies your palate, DONT’ complain when you smell bacon or pork cooking at a restaurant. DO raise your kids to respect our laws. DON’T try to have sex with our little boys and girls

  5. Anthony Stacey says:

    You missed a perversion. If there is no woman available, it is permissible to have sex with an animal, so long as you kill afterwards.

  6. David Elvis Mosley says:

    Who do these dorks think they are? They are in our country… America, was won, paid for with a price for Freedom with our forefathers, and your relatives, and mine, who fought in the great world wars to make us Free to Live in the U.S.A. and not be fearful of punks like muslims who worship a false god called allah, who demands blood, and they are sick in the head perverts, with this shariah law bullcrap!!! Leave our U.S.A. We don’t need your terrorism here !!!!

  7. Gary M. Marino says:

    WTF is tghere to be Shocked about? Christians and Jews do it, all the time… Have you ever heard of the Catholic Church?

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