BREAKING: Shocking Biden Executive Order LEAKED And It Will RUIN America On DAY 1



A new report on Twitter about Biden signing another extreme Executive order is blowing up the internet and what he has planned has many conservatives and us average Americans who are struggling to barely make ends meet very concerned.

Climate Emergency Executive Order

According to this report, the Biden REGIME and his climate change lunatics are ready, willing and most likely able to enact a “Climate Emergency Executive Order” which means that Biden and these Climate Change lunatics can take drastic measures that could and will have a direct impact on the everyday lives of Americans, will undoubtedly cost a ton of money and in the end will accomplish absolutely nothing.

That basically sums up the democrat party- spend a ton of money on useless agendas.


This Executive Order will authorize this demented, senile fool to DICTATE draconian laws on this so called “CLIMATE CHANGE” otherwise known as weather.

Here is the post that if accurate points out the dangers we will all face if this EO is signed.

The entire transcript is written below the “X” post:

“In a startling revelation from “The People’s Voice” (@realtpv) an insider from the United Nations (UN) has unveiled plans by President Joe Biden to sign an executive order declaring a “???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????”

This move could grant the executive branch unprecedented powers, leading to potential rations, lockdowns, and other stringent measures, all in the name of combating “???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????.”

???????????? ????????????????????????????:

▫️Rationing on the Horizon?: The executive order might introduce “???????????? ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????, ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????????????.”

▫️Dietary Changes: Expect potential limits on meat and dairy consumption to align with global green objectives.

▫️UN’s Stance: A new “???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????” page on the UN’s website underscores the perceived urgency.

▫️Media’s Role: Recent heatwaves have been linked to “???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????” by mainstream media.

▫️Military Involvement: Biden previously hinted at “???????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????” for climate-related challenges.

▫️Justifications: Recent wildfires and new temperature data could be used as reasons for the declaration.

With Democrats and media outlets pressuring Biden to take action, this declaration could mark a significant shift in US policy. The implications of such a move are vast and could reshape daily life for many Americans.

Given the uncertainties in climate modeling, is relying heavily on computer projections wise when making major policy decisions? What unintended consequences could result from drastic climate actions on people’s livelihoods or basic freedoms?”


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The spirit of freedom and resistance runs deep.

Not A Conspiracy Theory

Anthony Smith at The GOP Times has more:

Now, before you start saying this is all conspiracy theory, it was widely reported that Biden was on the brink of signing such an order before the Inflation Reduction Act was passed.

I have stated many times this legislation is climate change legislation in disguise, as it does nothing for inflation and everything for green energy.

If you recall, during the build-up to that legislation, Biden was regularly touting climate change as “an emergency” when he was out stumping.

The Inflation Reduction Act tagged $370 billion for climate change policy, then the talk died down about an order on the matter.

Now, however, whispers are starting to rise that Biden is once again considering making such a move.

My guess is that with the approval of recent fossil fuel projects, Biden is taking a bit of a hit in this demographic, so he has to do something big in order to win those votes back.

During Biden’s recent Weather Channel interview, he stated that he “practically” declared a climate emergency.

David Hayes, who served as a senior White House climate official last summer, stated, “There was serious consideration in the White House for a climate emergency when it looked like we might not get those tools, in particular the Inflation Reduction Act.

“But we’ve got it [the IRA] now.

“And it’s head down and let’s make it happen.”

If these reports are accurate, the IRA is no longer enough, and we all know Biden eventually caves to extremists in the party.

To that point, Jean Su, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, recently stated, “The executive actions that we’re asking for from President Biden is really the straightforward answer to these record heat waves and climate disasters.”

And realize, every natural disaster that now occurs is linked to climate change to sensationalize the issue.

Look no further than John Podesta recently declaring the Maui wildfires were a direct result of climate change.

Republicans are making a move here, with Senator Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.) putting forth legislation to block Biden from having such powers.

Capito stated, “The Biden administration has repeatedly governed by executive overreach when it comes to energy and environmental regulations, ignoring the law and doing so without congressional approval.”

She added that she would “ensure the president cannot go further by declaring a national emergency, which would grant him more executive authority and grow the size of government all in the name of climate change.”

Source: E&E News

The problem, though, is that Republicans do not control the Senate and ultimately, Joe Biden would have to sign the legislation to make it a law, and that will not happen.

Had Republicans had the forethought, this could have been put in place during Trump’s first two years in office, but half the party was fighting against the president of their own party during that time, so they just wasted what was a golden opportunity.

Another problem, which applies to every issue we are facing is that if you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

These people are very dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

On the other hand, such drastic measures could provoke reactions they might not be prepared for. It’s a risky move on many fronts.

Never has the second amendment been more important. I expect a push back by states, and the courts to strike him down.

Until China and India start reducing their emissions, there is no emergency in the west.

The United States produces the cleanest fossil fuels and the quality of our air is far superior to the other countries that produce fossil fuels.

But here in America the GREEN GESTAPO is relentless and has cost Americans TRILLIONS of dollars and has ruined the lives of millions of people.

These lunatics just don’t understand that it is virtually impossible to survive without fossil fuels.

None of this has been logically thought out but what do you expect from these COMMUNIST LUNATICS otherwise known as the Democrats.

We have to stop this insanity.

America is on the path to destruction by design.


It’s straight out of the playbooks of all of the Communist and Authoritarian and Marxist playbooks.

Obama knows all about it and he is the one calling the shots.

Biden is a useless puppet.

In fact, the democrats and the DEEP STATE know that Biden’s time is about over.

They need a new puppet who isn’t demented and who isn’t embroiled in so many scandals and corruption that will lead to the takedown of the DEMOCRAT CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.

If things go right we should be able to take down a ton of DEEP STATE operatives starting at the top-BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!




This has to come to an end one way or another.

I’ll leave it here.



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