SHOCKING: Black Thug Arrested In Mutilation Of White Girl… Liberal Media Silent



Wow shocking isn’t it? A Black scumbag smashed a White girl’s face into a bloody pulp with a metal pipe. She will be permanently scarred physically as well as emotionally. But Black Lives Matter so screw the rest of us. Thanks Obama, you are a real leader dude.

Where is the OUTRAGE? How many White people have to be mutilated by these angry savages? This punk needs to be chained and locked in a fricking cage.


KSLA reports: 

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When officers arrived, they found 18-year-old Jessica Byrnes-Laird who was suffering from injuries to her face.


Police say Byrnes-Laird’s boyfriend got into a fight with several other men at the store. That’s when authorities say 18-year-old Jalen A. Jack threw a metal pipe, striking Byrnes-Laird in the face.




Oh well

Jack was booked into the Shreveport City Jail on one count of aggravated second degree battery.

A week after being attacked, Byrnes-Laird is slowly recovering emotionally and physically.

“You realize how much you smile, when you can’t smile,” said Byrnes-Laird, who explains she is relieved Jalen Jack has been arrested.


“At first it was disbelief, I was shocked more than anything,” Byrnes-Laird said about the attack.

This morning, she says she and her boyfriend helped identify the man that surveillance video allegedly shows as Jalen Jack.

“I have this guy’s face burned into my mind,” she said.

KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News Weather

This poor girl. I feel so bad for her I am just totally livid. This needs to end NOW! There’s a GoFundMe page set up for Jessica Byrnes-Laird.

Vote for Trump and let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


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  1. And they act so belligerent, when police even has the gall to ask them about it.

  2. Patricia Mosso says:

    First off ALL LIVES MATTER! AND I’m going to get bashed for this But I don’t give two shits, But what dose OBAMA have to do with this? And I read this story the other day, The guy tossed the pipe at her boyfriend, He didn’t aim it at her, not saying he should have tossed it to start with, But blaiming the dam president for some Thugs actions is like say, The beer in the bottle made you drink it. And I’m sure the person who wrote this post will get a lot of back lash for his or her racist ass comments so I’ll just sit back and watch.

  3. Robert Brownlee says:

    They have been given free reign by the media and the current administration. After Watts, LA, Ferguson and Baltimore they know nothing will be done even if they are caught. He will get a slap on the wrist and set free. Examples have to be made of these animals but that can’t be done until someone with balls gets elected. All sheriffs offices need to be ran just the same way sheriff Joe runs his. Make it to the point they don’t want to be put back in. Now it’s like a vacation for them sitting around with the homies, three free squares a day, clean bunk to sleep in, free clothes and cleaning, free satellite TV, free internet, free gym membership (Yes all equipment is provided), free college courses, free legal services. Their family gets everything free on the outside. Free government housing, food stamps, TANIF checks every month, utility assistance payments for electricity, water and gas, medicaid,public transportation to take them to the doctor and shopping.If they do by chance do any work they get paid tax free, no it’s not high wages but what else do they need the money for?

  4. ………………..ever notice that uneducated black thugs only do this when they run in packs……….

  5. STEVELBURG says:

    Its the MEDIAS fault too !

  6. STEVELBURG says:

    Black lives DO NOT matter to Blacks themselves ! Look at the stats for black on black crime !

  7. Grizzly907LA says:

    Heh phun b ah gud boi!

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