BREAKING: Military Patrol Makes SHOCKING Discovery In Freight Trailer At US/Mexico Border- Here’s What We Know

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More than 100 migrants from Central America were found in a freight trailer abandoned by a roadside near the U.S.-Mexico border, agents from Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said Friday.

The trailer was discovered near Ciudad Camargo, an extremely violent region across the border from Rio Grande City, Texas, the Mexican immigration agents said.

Passing military patrol personnel heard people pounding on the inside walls of the truck and calling for help, FOX News reports.

The migrants, from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, were suffering from dehydration and asphyxiation when soldiers came across the truck in Tamaulipas, where migrants often attempt illegal border crossings, Reuters reported.

The container had apparently been abandoned by migrant traffickers.

Thousands of Central Americans each year, fleeing violence and poverty, are transported by human traffickers in treacherous, sometimes life-threatening conditions, the report said. The migrants use Mexico as a channel to the U.S.

The rescued migrants, who crammed together for about 12 hours, included 91 Hondurans, seven Guatemalans and five Salvadorans. Among them were 24 youths and 12 unaccompanied minors who were turned over to child welfare authorities.

A photo sent by the INM appeared to show some of the migrants’ belongings in the back of the truck, including a small, pink backpack, duffel bags and trash strewn across the floor.

mexico immigration trailer 2

Photo provided by Mexico’s National Immigration Institute

Subsequently, President Donald Trump called on the Mexican government Friday to block MS-13 gang members from traveling through Mexico to the U.S.

Trump on Friday urged Mexico to do more to prevent violent illegal immigrants from El Salvador from entering the United States, again pushing his long-proposed border wall but stopping short of his previous claims that Mexico would fund it.

In a Twitter post, Trump said U.S. law enforcement was removing Salvadoran gang members but that they continued to return, adding: “El Salvador just takes our money, and Mexico must help MORE with this problem. We need The Wall!”

In July 2017, 10 people died after a truck carrying more than 100 Guatemalan and Mexican migrants was left in the parking lot of a Walmart store in San Antonio, Texas.

This needs to end.



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