SHOCKING VIDEO Shows SAVAGE Student Going INSANE In Classroom… Here’s The Reason Liberals Don’t Want This Getting Out


After video footage showing a white South Carolina police officer subduing a black student went viral last week, we’ve seen the liberals screaming about racism and police brutality. More videos of that incident showed that the girl was punching the officer and flailing around like a crazed… well, like a crazed animal and that’s why she ended up on the floor. And that’s why she got physically removed from the classroom.

Furthermore, there’s strong evidence that the whole thing was pre-planned by the black girls to make money and who knows, maybe get an invite from Obama to come to the White House.

Nevertheless, these officers are at these schools for a reason. Brats like her are a prime example. Another prime example of why officers are important is perfectly displayed in the following video which demonstrates what is happening in so many of Americas classrooms. This is what happens when there is no protection at schools or in the classroom when you have entitled, out of control liberal garbage running a muck. This is simply terrifying to watch but we feel the need to show this so you can see first hand the type of situations these officers and teachers deal with.


In this video, several students can be seen hijacking a teacher’s class and tormenting not only the teacher, but others in the classroom as well.


This guy looks angry as hell 

The ringleader of the hoodlums is shown terrorizing the teacher, threatening to hit her with a desk.


“When I say something I mean it,” he can be heard saying to the teacher while running around with the desk held high. “Now ask me what my name is again,” the thug demands in a threatening tone.

This is totally out of control and it really reflects what happens when there is no family structure, no strong role models and no fear of consequences for their actions.

This is what happens when thugs have free reign. This is exactly what happens when students know that they won’t be disciplined for their destructive behavior. This poor teacher must have been terrified.

This is why it is so vitally important that parents need to be responsible. Having children isn’t just a hobby or an inconvenience from having sex. These are human beings that need direction. Children rely on their parents to provide a warm, safe and structured household. That’s impossible if you are partying like a rockstar and sleep all day, while collecting government benefits. My guess is that most of these kids come from a broken household with no role model.

As the great Allen B. West noted, “this is a sad, sad testament to the breakdown in our culture and our civil society. And sadly, if a policeman was caught on camera subduing that kid, he’d end up fired too. The world is upside down.

We have Obama and the left to thank for this. Like West said, the world is upside down- thanks to liberalism…


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