BREAKING: Shortages Of Food, Cars, Commodities- EVERYTHING- LOOK What The Bumbling Fool Biden Is Doing Now- STOCK UP PATRIOTS


We don’t want to be alarmists or spread conspiracy theories but we have a demented man, Joe Biden running the country so anything is possible.


The Marxist policies he and his handlers are putting into place are designed to destroy America.

Check this out from Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel:

Stock up on what you can right now because whatever it is you are going to need in the near future, it’s not going to be available.

At least, not anytime soon. Oh, and when it is, it’ll cost a helluva lot more money, too.


Bloomberg News reports that “suddenly,” the world is running short of just about everything.

Partly, that’s due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Partly, it’s due to lazy-ass people who are soaking up federal taxpayer-supported unemployment benefits instead of looking for work.

And partly — or maybe largely — it’s due to disastrous economic policies that are helping trigger massive inflation, thanks to Joe Biden’s Marxist handlers.

Bloomberg notes:

A year ago, as the pandemic ravaged country after country and economies shuddered, consumers were the ones panic-buying. Today, on the rebound, it’s companies furiously trying to stock up.

Mattress producers to car manufacturers to aluminum foil makers are buying more material than they need to survive the breakneck speed at which demand for goods is recovering and assuage that primal fear of running out. The frenzy is pushing supply chains to the brink of seizing up. Shortages, transportation bottlenecks and price spikes are nearing the highest levels in recent memory, raising concern that a supercharged global economy will stoke inflation.

 Copper, iron ore and steel. Corn, coffee, wheat and soybeans. Lumber, semiconductors, plastic and cardboard for packaging. The world is seemingly low on all of it. ‘You name it, and we have a shortage on it,’ Tom Linebarger, chairman and chief executive of engine and generator manufacturer Cummins Inc., said on a call this month. Clients are ‘trying to get everything they can because they see high demand,’ Jennifer Rumsey, the Columbus, Indiana-based company’s president, said. ‘They think it’s going to extend into next year.’

What’s more, this crunch is different from supply shortages in the past because a) it affects nearly everything; and b) analysts see no end in sight:

“For anyone who thinks it’s all going to end in a few months, consider the somewhat obscure U.S. economic indicator known as the Logistics Managers’ Index. The gauge is built on a monthly survey of corporate supply chiefs that asks where they see inventory, transportation and warehouse expenses — the three key components of managing supply chains — now and in 12 months,” Bloomberg adds. “The current index is at its second-highest level in records dating back to 2016, and the future gauge shows little respite a year from now. The index has proven unnervingly accurate in the past, matching up with actual costs about 90% of the time.”

Meantime, our illustrious Federal Reserve continues to buy up ‘assets’ and delay the inevitable collapse.

But collapse is coming, nonetheless. Everything is in short supply at the same time what exists is way overvalued (think homes, the stock market, etc.).

It’s not going to be pretty, either.




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