BREAKING: Shots Were Fired at Trump Rally, Here’s Who Was Behind It… [VID]

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As you know, Donald Trump’s rally at the University of Chicago was cancelled due to the possibility of violence instigated by left-wing whackos. The protest was organized by and #BlackLivesMatter, Communists, socialists and even domestic terrorist and mentor to Barack Obama, Bill Ayers was there.

What you may not know is that shots were fired outside the event by a #BlackLivesMatter thug. Twitter user “Jamaal Williams” celebrated their ‘victory’ by firing an Uzi into the air and tweeting the video along with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

This guy is a real winner. Check it out.



Mark Dice captured the video before it was taken offline. In this video you can clearly see a UIC Trump rally protester shooting a MAC 10 (Uzi) into the air in Chicago to celebrate the event being canceled.

He tweeted the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter along with the video.

Here is Jamaal Williams homepage on Twitter. The account has since ‘disappeared.’


Now here’s where it gets really weird.

 at Bearing Arms reports that while she was writing up her report and grabbing screenshots from Twitter like the ones posted above, “Jamaal” suddenly turned into “Rob.”

And he’s a white lib.


And Rob is a leftist scumbag who supports Bernie Sanders.


Confused? Yeah, me too.


So what’s the point of putting obviously inflammatory, racist and ignorant information out there about inner city Chicago? Chiraq doesn’t have enough senseless crime, now we’ve got people creating more on social media?

She reached out to this idiot and of course, got a typically disgusting response:


#FeelTheBern… What a putz. “Get cancer.” What a filthy little punk. Like I said, a typical liberal d-bag.

So this is who we’re up against. What’s the point? How do you beat a party of lies and deceit?

We keep speaking the truth. Firmly and respectfully.

Chicago doesn’t need any help with tarnishing their record, they’re doing that on their own. And the more we call out democrats for their ignorant irresponsible propaganda, the faster they will be seen for what they really are.

Shallow, empty caverns – shills for the progressive party.

Delightful, aren’t they?


Again, I’d like to thank Mark Dice and Bearing Arms for fighting the good fight. Together we will Make America Great Again!

God Bless. 


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