SICK: Black Thug Whose Son Got Rescued By President Trump Makes SHOCK Move Against His OWN KID


Scumbag father of the year LaVar Ball has hit a snag in his plans for his offspring.

The father of UCLA guard LiAngelo Ball is now planning to withdraw his son from school.

 WHY you may ask? Well, apparently UCLA feels that LiAngelo’s shoplifting in China is a huge deal and has suspended him indefinitely from the team.

Sure, it was an international incident that threatened to spark a diplomatic crisis and required the intervention of the U.S. president. But according to LaVar? It was no big deal!

LaVar said of the incident –

“Everybody is making it a big deal. It ain’t that big of a deal.’’

LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley – three athletes playing for UCLA were caught shoplifting sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store in China.

What does that say about the U.S. culture of entitlement? UCLA basketball players felt entitled to steal when they have so much and so much to lose.

Rather than allow his son to accept his punishment and get his comeuppance for his serious lack of judgment? Well its Daddy to the rescue bailing the Baby Baller out of the trouble he landed himself into causing UCLA to take the action to suspend him indefinitely.

When LaVar was asked how LiAngelo felt about being withdrawn from school? Well, the Big Baller had this to say –

“My boy is loyal to me. I tried to let UCLA deal with the process and he should have been playing the next week.”


What part of your son was caught STEALING in a COMMUNIST country where he was a GUEST and a representative of the UNITED STATES failed to sink into your thick, entitled head? Does it occur to you that your son nearly caused an international incident and the likelihood of him finding a school that is going to deal with THAT level of headache and potential drama so he can play basketball is likely nihil?

UCLA basketball couch Steve Alford said in a statement –

“We learned today of LiAngelo Ball’s intention to withdraw from UCLA. We respect the decision he and his family have made, and we wish him all the best in the future.”

Which is more than likely PR speak for – “We’re glad your problem child is leaving!”

His father has thus far shown no indication that what his son did was bad, very bad.

Instead LaVar continues to insist that this was simply no big deal and that LiAngelo should be allowed to play and continue on with no repercussions for his actions whatsoever.  No accountability.

Gee I think this may be a large part of the issue??

LiAngelo is the middle child of Ball’s three sons.  The oldest son is Lonzo.  He is a rookie with the LA Lakers after playing one successful season at UCLA. LiAngelo however, never played a regular season game for the Bruins during his short tenure at the school.

The Ball family is known for their expensive “Big Baller Brand” clothing and shoes. The family is all about showing off and entitlement. In an episode of their Facebook reality show “Ball In The Family,” LaVar  livestreams getting LiAngelo a Ferrari insisting it won’t change his son and he wasn’t being spoiled.


On an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” LiAngelo Ball’s big brother Lonzo, a Los Angeles Laker rookie, said this about the family-brand sneakers priced between $495 and $695 a pair, “If you’re not dedicated and disciplined enough to go do whatever to go get the shoes, you’re not a big baller.”

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