SICK: ‘Christian’ Pastor Says “I Have Never Shed A Tear For An Unborn Child That Was ABORTED!” (Video)


Abortion doesn’t matter – black lives do…


A Black woman who claims to be Christian and a pastor, Nikki Brooks, has published a YouTube video saying she has no sympathy for aborted babies. The scary thing is this woman has held leadership roles in several churches. She calls herself a Christian but a Christian cares for all life from conception to natural death. She is a left wing ideologue whose religion is defined by Democrat politics.

Unborn children matter to GOD in every way. God created the soul that those women have murdered. Abortion is just a term they use so it doesn’t sound so violent. So if I stuck a pair of scissors in the back of a woman’s neck and cut her head open to suck her brains out with a vacuum, I would be called a monster, but that’s what partial birth abortion is. MILLIONS of babies have died this way, and for what?

In her video she said, “What I am about to say, I am a Christian, I’ve served in a Pastoral capacity in three churches, I uh, I am an active minister, and um, I don’t make apology for what I am about to say.” “I have never, not one time ever, shed a tear for another woman’s unborn child that she chose to abort. I never have,” Brooks said emphatically. “I don’t have a conviction about it. I uh believe that life is important to God but I also know that’s why he’s God and I’m not.”

She goes on to state: “I have however shed meany tears for the three I chose to lay up and have. I have never cried over a woman’s unborn fetus… I believe that the lives that are here right now and the quality of those lives, that’s what matters,” she says again.

She is grossly disturbed. God knew everything about them before they were even formed in their mothers’ wombs. I would imagine it brings him great sadness and sorrow to see his creation murdered before the babies even have a chance at life. It is outrageous to say the least to see and hear a minister who professes to be a speaker of God’s word to say she has no tears or sadness over these little lives who are lost.

According to the Bible it says you will know them by their fruit, but it doesn’t seem like she has much fruit or integrity. The innocent ones pay for their parents mistakes, a baby doesn’t get to accept or decline an invitation. They arrive as a result of their parents’ behavior.

Here’s the video!

YouTube video via Nikki Brooks



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