SICK: Dairy Queen Worker ARRESTED For SPITTING On Cop’s Burger, What Happens Next Is HEARTBREAKING

This is today’s America. A Baton Rouge Police Officer stopped for a burger at a local Dairy Queen but an Anti-Police, liberal punk decided to give the cop a little something extra- now the thug is paying the price.

The S.O.B spit on the cop’s burger.


What in the hell is happening? This is just sickening on so many levels.

According to a police report, a Lieutenant with the Baton Rouge Police Department ordered a hamburger and when he received his hamburger, he noticed a clear substance on top of the bun. He noticed that it looked like someone spit on his burger so he got the manager to review camera footage and sure enough, the black employee spit on it.

WAFB reports that according to police, the suspect was seen in the video grabbing the hamburger bun off of the rack and attempting to back out of view of the cameras. When the suspect believed he was out of view, he lifted the burger to his mouth for a brief moment and then returned to the hamburger making station where he placed the bun on the hamburger and wrapped it up.

Police arrested the employee, 21-year-old Elijah Johnson, a black man.



As they commonly do, the thug originally provided police with a false name and date of birth. Typical low mentality tactic that never works.

When Johnson finally gave his real name and date of birth, they found that Johnson had an outstanding warrant through the Baton Rouge Constables Office.

Again, that is typical as well. Warrants. But this is an innocent victim of racism folks! He’s a great guy!

To make matters worse, Johnson also admitted to officers that he had several diseases including Herpes.

Oh, how nice. A diseased thug making burgers. Unbelievable.

Johnson was taken to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison where he has been booked with mingling harmful substances and resisting an officer. His bond has been set at $4,000.

WHOA! $4000 FRICKING DOLLARS? If that was a white person I guarantee the bond would be at least $50,000.

The employee at Dairy Queen suspected of spitting on an officer’s food was “immediately terminated,” a company spokesman says.

Ya think? Watch. Dairy Queen will be getting sued for discrimination. Dude’s black.


This country is completely out of control thanks to the Democrats.

This accelerated hatred for law enforcement began when Obama was elected and took an aggressive stand against the police- especially white ones.

Democrats blame white supremacists but clearly they are not the problem.

They barely exist. It’s a strategy by the Dems based on lies to pander to minorities to get their vote.


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