SICK: Illegal Alien Waves Mexican Flag As She Graduates From University Of California # NoAmnesty



Welcome to AMERICA you scumbag! An ILLEGAL ALIEN who was given a free education, paid for by you and I in California showed us all what she really thinks about us by waving her Mexican flag as she walked across the stage during commencement ceremonies at the University of California, San Diego.

What a pile of crap this is. And they allowed this? We can’t fricking fly our flags because we well ‘offend’ Muslims or Mexicans but this ungrateful ILLEGAL POS can do this? This is complete BULLSH*T!

Yeah, I am pissed off!

 I am sick and tired of getting trampled on by third world garbage. This is a fricking ILLEGAL ALIEN and we paid her way through college not to mention housed, fed and bent over backwards to make her life good while Veterans and actual Americans are struggling and this bitch has the nerve to wave the fricking MEXICAN flag on stage at her graduation? GO BACK TO MEXICO IF YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH! Fricking garbage. 


The flag-waving UC San Diego graduate is Indira Esparza, reports The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Esparza, 22, moved to the United States with her parents from Mexico when she was two years old. Her parents were (and presumably remain) illegal immigrants.
School officials had informed Union-Tribune reporter Lyndsay Winkley that Esparza faced financial trouble as a UCSD student, as well as concerns that her family members could face deportation.
The administrators said Esparza was also worried that other students might view her negatively because of her illegal alien status.
Gee ya think?

Taxpayer-funded officials at UC San Diego advised the Union-Tribune’s reporter and photographer on the scene to focus squarely on Esparza. It’s not clear if these administrators knew in advance that the student had plotted to pull the foreign flag stunt.

 Local response to the flag fracas has been largely negative. The paper has received over a dozen angry letters. Reader comments below the story are also critical. The Union-Tribune cites one comment saying: “I can’t imagine living illegally in another country, and waving an American flag in people’s faces. Rude.”
Unbelievable. Another criminal celebrates at the tax-payers expense. California sucks… Obama sucks… Liberals suck. God Bless. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS

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