SICK: This Black Thug Viciously Attacks Older White Woman At Park… Liberals And Media SILENT


Ladies and gentlemen- this is OBAMA’S AMERICA. Here we have yet another vicious attack against a WHITE person by a useless, violent, uneducated, filthy, racist BLACK savage.

The Press of Atlantic City, is reporting that a Facebook user uploaded this video that shows the animal, Iben Hunter, African-American, 25, viciously attack a helpless 45-year-old homeless white woman for absolutely no reason at all. The poor woman was knocked unconscious by this black slime.

This is precisely the reason we fight tooth and nail for our 2nd amendment rights. Criminal garbage like this are allowed to run free among us civilized people. They are extremely violent. They have no sense of morals and completely lack any type of common decency. They are animals. They belong in cages, not free to roam around and beat the hell out of people.

They are cowards that prey on innocent victims, usually in ‘packs’ like herds of wild animals.

Watch this video but I must warn you that it is extremely graphic and very disturbing.

What Would You Do?Defeating the Liberal argument regarding gun control. Just show them this video and ask them if this was your wife/sister/mother/aunt…what would you have done?

Posted by Trumpians on Monday, October 19, 2015

This woman posed no threat to anyone. Why would this scumbag do such a despicable thing to this woman? I’ll tell you why- he is a racist black animal. Liberals will call me a racist for pointing out that the victim is WHITE and the attacker is BLACK. How in the hell is that racist? It’s fricking FACT! PERIOD.

Look at this dude. Look at his tribal war dance he does before unloading his anger on the WHITE lady. Say what you will libs, you can kiss my a**. I don’t care what color you are- if you are a lib you are nothing but garbage.

And why didn’t anybody help her? Are they afraid of this little punk? I’ll tell you right now that if I was there that scumbag would have gotten knocked right out. One punch. Done. Lights out brother.

Thankfully, we have Facebook. Lol, owned by a SUPER LIB. But, this is how the thug was exposed and ultimately arrested. I have no doubt in my mind that Facebook will pull this video and will apologize in advance if the video is unavailable at the time you are reading this.

Hunter has been charged with aggravated assault in the savage attack, which left the unidentified woman critically injured and in the hospital. He’s being held on a $100,000 bond.

By the way, this isn’t this thug’s first offense. He has a long criminal record including possession of cocaine when he was just a young 15 year old delinquent.

This thug BELONGS in prison. Hopefully, Obama and his racist thugs don’t intervene and there isn’t some left wing loon judge presiding over this case.

When we stop teaching respect for human life this is what happens to society, which is exactly what has happened with Obama in charge.

Stay armed my friends, we are at war.

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God Bless.

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