SICK: Racist Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Pretends To Take GIANT Piss On President Trump

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New York Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. hinted Monday that his touchdown celebration where he pretended to urinate in the Philadelphia Eagles end zone was a response to President Trump calling players who kneel for the National Anthem “sons of b****es .”

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Beckham responded to a News Outlet employee who tagged him in her own tweet and surmised Beckham may have pantomimed a dog urinating on a fire hydrant during the Giants’ 27-24 loss to the Eagles on Sunday due to Trump calling any NFL player who would kneel during the national anthem a “son of a bitch”, Fox News reported.

“If u seen that, I have to tip my hat to u for thinkin outside the box. #URRIGHTONPOINT impressed.”

Beckham scored two touchdowns in the game. On his second touchdown, Beckham raised his fist, with the Black Panther salute, which many players have been seen doing during the National Anthem.

While his teammates linked arms before their game against the San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters raised a black power fist while wearing a black glove, in week 1 of the NFL.


The New England Patriots’ Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty followed suit before their night game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Michael Bennett celebrated a successful tackle by raising his right fist high into the sky.  Bennett explained his move in a tweet later that night: “The raised fist represent unity or solidarity with oppressed peoples.”  AKA Black Panthers

It is Extremely pathetic political Black Lives Matter and Black Panthers racial hate, that the NFL has now become a propaganda arm of the anti-American Left.  Under the twisted guidance of the intolerant Left, NFL teams now stand for “God Save the Queen” when playing in the UK, but refuse to stand for the national anthem of their home country, the United States of America.

In a whirlwind of insanity that the United States is currently experiencing, it has become the “norm” to hate LEO, white people, our nation, our heritage, our flag and our military.


If anyone stands against these pathetic cowards, they are labeled racist and publicly ridiculed and berated.  I find it staggering that so many choose to bury their heads instead of standing for what is right.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, shared on his Instagram a message from a Ranger buddy of his and it is time-on-target and I agree 110%!

Very strong post from my Ranger Buddy Ben Morgan <1> . Remember you "kneelers" who gave you and continue to give you the right to kneel by protecting all your rights to prosper and speak freely, you are disrespecting them and their brothers in arms …. #Repost @morgantiming ・・・ The only reason you have the right to run your mouth and protest is because a #man or #woman braver than you did their #duty. You have chosen to disrespect the #flag, the one thing all #veterans #respect. You (@NFL @underarmour @steph_curry___ @kaepernick7) say you don't mean it that way and that you respect #veterans, but clearly that is just #bs. #army #airforce #usmc #navy #rltw #suasponte #tanto <2>#rone #bub #semperfi #LLTB #turnthenfloff #turnthnbaoff @kris_paronto_tanto @cheyennemtnarms @zero9holsters @ryanweavercountry @13hoursmovie @14thhourfoundation @75thrgrrgt @american_trigger_pullers @americansoldiernetwork @military_training @americanmilitarynews @navysealdannydietzmemclassic @navysealfoundation @usmarinesofficial @john_tiegen @nba @espn @espnnfl

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Beckham raised his fist to the sky after his second touchdown – something many NFL players, including Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, have done during the national anthem in an effort to draw attention to issues of racial equality and criminal justice reform. The potential symbolism was more apparent with his second celebration, but again, Beckham would not explain his intent when asked by reporters.

“Did it look like it?” he said when asked if there was any meaning. “OK. Well, if it looked like it, then it might have been something.”

Another pathetic example from an overpaid waste of breath that feels entitled to do as he pleases with 0 accountability.

The time to send a united and clear message to these trashbags and the NFL, is NOW.  Boycott the NFL and any company that supports them.  Integrity, Valor and Honor… LIVE THEM!


AFF’s Huny Badger is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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