SICK: Woman Refuses to Cover Face, So Muslims Find HORRIFIC Way to Make Sure Men Don’t Look at Her


ISIS is known for committing extremely brutal acts such as decapitations, setting people on fire while alive, throwing gay people off of the top of buildings and other sadistic acts.

These Muslims live by Sharia Law which is extremely prejudiced when it comes to women. They can be executed for simply driving a car for God’s sake. These people are completely insane. Which brings me to this horrific story of just how brutal these animals really are.

This video has been making the rounds on social media which shows a woman who has a bandage on her face after ISIS members lit her face on fire for not obeying Sharia Law.

Her crime was simply refusing to wear a Niqab (a veil).

Zaid Benjamin, a Radio Sawa Washington Correspondent, retweeted the original tweet with the caption, “ISIL militants burned the face of a Sunni woman for not wearing Niqab according to this man fleeing Ramandi.”


Our friends at Conservative Tribune note that if this translation is accurate — and several of Benjamin’s posts on Twitter are in Arabic, so it is relatively safe to assume that he could correctly translate the original tweet — it is just another sicking example of the rule of terror that the Islamic State group is imposing on the people who live in their territory.

President Barack Obama continues to insist everything is fine in the Middle East. He and his liberal cohorts regularly argue that America treats women terribly and that we are all a bunch of sexist pigs and that we are the ones that need to change our behavior.

We may be many things, good and bad — but we never burn women’s faces because they won’t wear a veil.

Fricking sick, disgusting, evil animals…

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