Sickening News Out Of NBC… It Couldn’t Be Worse!


NBC News has had a rough go the past few month, with some of their biggest names having to be fired after learning of their perverted pleasures, and things just become even worse for the media giant.

NBC has been on the front lines of the #MeToo movement, parading around just about any woman who’d ever been offended by as little as a man giving her a peck on the cheek ate a date. The far-left network has long supported leftist causes, and with no pressure at all it caves to even the most ridiculous demands from rabid leftists.


Although while it claims to be a champion of progressive causes, it appears to have numerous wolves living among its henhouse. The latest example comes from its sister network CNBC, where one of its top directors was just busted committing rather egregious acts against his young live-in nanny and her teen friends.

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According to the New York Daily News, 44-year-old Dan Switzen apparently has a thing for watching young girls go potty, but rather than visit one of the numerous pornographic websites that have videos of young women (legal, of course) using the restroom, he decided he wanted to have some real-life footage of exactly that, and now he’s about to pay for his perverted preferences.


Switzen, a married father of three, had an 18-year-old girl who lived in his home and served as a nanny, and apparently she like to have her other teen friends over at times so they could have girl time together. However, what they didn’t realize is that the pervert with a penchant for peeping on peeing girls had set up a hidden camera inside of a tissue box inside of one of his bathrooms, so he could get a bird’s eye view as the girls relieved themselves on the toilet.

But one day recently, one of the girls went into the bathroom and noticed something was out of place, and Switzen’s gig was up – they immediately found the camera and went straight to police.


Now, he’s been arrested for peeping on the unsuspecting teens.

“He intentionally installed a video recording device in a tissue box located in his family’s bathroom to surreptitiously view a person dressing or undressing…at a place and time when (the victim) had a reasonable expectation of privacy without (her) knowledge or consent,” the complaint filed in Pleasantview Village Court reads.

Naturally, his lawyer came to his defense and claimed he’s “a very decent family man. I don’t want to litigate these allegations in the press,” Jeffery Chartier said. “We will defend him accordingly.”

Only, good family men don’t try to catch a glimpse of innocent young girls as they’re using the restroom. That’s just troubling beyond belief.

When asked for comment, Switzen refused, only stating “No comment at all. Thanks, bye,” before hanging up.

A spokesman for CNBC has yet to comment on the troubling incident, and as of this writing, Switzen still remains employed by the network.

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