Sidney Powell Comes Out Of Hiding And Reveals What Will Happen If MASS Voter Fraud Is Proven- BOMBSHELL REPORT


I’m sure most of you remember former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell who lead the fight against the election fraud that resulted in Biden becoming the president with the help of the Communist media, corrupt counting of ballots and most importantly voting machines that were deliberately tampered with to change votes for Trump over to Biden.


Like I said, Powell has led the fight against the massive voter fraud in contested states from the November election.

Dominion voting systems is suing Sidney Powell for $1.3 billion over remarks she made about their voting systems following the November 2020 election.

The decision to sue Powell was premature and could be catastrophic for the company as well as the CommieCrats as more bombshell reports keep coming out about the major problems involving the Dominion voting systems and the people who ran them.

Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up reports that at a “For God & Country Patriot Roundup,” which also featured retired general Michael Flynn, the host told Powell, “We’re in unchartered territory.” Powell replied, “Yeah, we’re definitely in uncharted territory.” She continued, “There are cases where elections have been overturned, but there’s never been one at the presidential level which everybody will jump to point out. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, though.”


“It should be that he can simply be reinstated. That a new inauguration date is set,” Powell told the host, adding, “and Biden is told to move out of the White House, and President Trump is told to move back in.”

Powell’s remarks were met with loud cheers from the audience. Powell added that Trump should definitely get the rest of his term and “make the best of it—that’s for sure!”

Watch the interview here:

Sidney Powell appeared at the event with Retired Army Lt. General Michale Flynn. Powell became General Flynn’s lead counsel in the twisted case against him led by crooked Comey’s FBI during his 3-week stint as President Trump’s national security advisor.

“What we’ve witnessed in the last, I don’t know, 15, 20 years, is an extraordinary rise of double standards where people who are Democrats are given passes on clear offenses, and Republicans are literally targeted and prosecuted and their lives destroyed on things that are even made up.” Powell said of Robert Mueller’s Russian hoax investigation, saying he knew there was no conspiracy even before he started to investigate.

That filthy investigation cost millions of dollars which could have been used to help Veterans or help out the homeless which is a nearly impossible task but at least they could clean up their encampments and spray them down with disinfectant similar to what they do to people who are sent to jail or they could have used the money to investigate, prosecute and put Hunter and Joe Biden behind bars for their criminal activities with China and other countries but none of that happened.

They probably would have used the money to make the leaders of Black Lives Matter richer or buy more weapons and gear for ANTIFA.

Anyways, I like Ms. Powell’s simple approach- prove the election was a fraud, kick Biden to the curb and put Trump back where he belongs.

After all he won the election.


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