SMUG Illegal ‘DREAMer’ Trashes Trump On Live TV, IMMEDIATELY Gets HORRIBLE News

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A smug so-called “DREAMer” was protesting President Trump’s immigration policy after her father and brother were detained by authorities, then she received even more bad news.

Daniela Vargas was protesting in front of television crews in Mississippi after becoming enraged the laws of our nation were being enforced by ICE officials. Just a couple of moments later, she learned the hard way that President Trump isn’t a soft pushover like Obama, and the agents returned.

According to CNN, Vargas was protected under Obama’s DACA program, which President Trump has been sympathetic to. However, even that has rules which must be followed, yet Vargas, for reasons unknown, felt she didn’t need to follow them so you can guess what happened to her.

Now she’s sitting in a detention center after failing to re-register as a DACA beneficiary and all would have been well, but the 22-year-old couldn’t even do that. Vargas, who works as a store manager, claims she couldn’t afford the $495 fee involved, which begs the question of just how important her “legal” status in the country is to her.

Vargas was also awarded a scholarship to a local community college, thus giving her a hand up most Americans wouldn’t receive. Yet she still couldn’t manage to come up with the $495 to retain her “legal” status?

Or is it that since she broke the laws to be here, her parents broke the laws to come here, and the Obama administration normalized breaking the law, that she didn’t feel she needed to follow the law?

That’s likely the case, but she was hit with a massive dose of reality; there’s a new sheriff in town, and he’s not going to put up with lawlessness from illegal foreign invaders.

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God Bless.

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