BREAKING: New Info Surfaces Showing Snopes CEO Hires Prostitutes And Doesn’t Pay Taxes- SPREAD THIS

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Man steals from wife’s business to hire hookers. Facebook hires him to read your personal posts and gauge their ‘honesty…’

Can you trust a man that steals from his wife’s business so that he can pay for hookers?
Would you let him decide what you are allowed to read?

Facebook Just Hired Him.


Mac’s Brief:



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  • The social media giant has decided to purge conservatives by partnering with Snopes — a self proclaimed ‘neutral’ fact-checker run by the now-divorced David and Barbara Mikkelson.  


  • David Mikkelson has since re-married to what appears to be a former prostitute of his.



  • There is reason to believe that Snopes has seriously defrauded the US government by writing off ever ‘pop culture’ expense made on the grounds that it had to do with their research — they even wrote off events they never covered on Snopes.


  • Despite seeking what amounts to nearly a $500,000 salary, the Mikkelsons have been unable to provide any framework for their fact-checking operations. They even admitted that they have none.


  • They’ve been hired to hide the news. Not to make sure Facebook users are well-informed.



If I told you Facebook hired a crazed middle-aged sex addict to censor your posts and decide what news stories you are allowed to read you would probably have some concerns.  Right?  If I told you this same man was currently being sued by his wife for spending tens of thousands of corporate income on prostitutes in order to feed his addiction, you probably wouldn’t believe me.  But it’s entirely true and only just the beginning.



Snopes has been tapped by Facebook to lead their investigative team in their struggle to remove conservative voices from the internet.  Let’s be frank about things here — we’re in the midst of an ideological war and to the victor goes the spoils. We are fighting for the minds and morals of future Americans.  And we’re losing to a sex cultist that is pretending to be a “fact-checker.”

If a man lies, cheats on, and steals from his wife — what’s to stop him from lying to you?  Court documents indicate that Mikkelson is looking for a 200% increase in his salary from the business.  If he is only in this for the money, he should be very easy to bribe.


This article was written by Brett MacDonald, a political commentator, and Teddy Roosevelt Republican. As an initial supporter of the New Right,  MacDonald cover’s US Policy from a Nationalist’s perspective and is dedicated to making America great again. 


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