Social Media Explodes After Gang Of Muslims Brutally Attack Teenage Girl For Doing THIS…




The French have harbored Islamic terrorists for decades, now the citizens are paying the price, again.

A gang of Muslim women in France decided to beat the hell out of a woman for wearing a bikini in a park. Unbelievable!

This is yet another example of the “tolerance” of the radical Muslim community.

Any free country is going to allow it and they know it. Thats why it’s such a disaster, because it comes in using the freedom of speech and freedom of religion laws and take over. In America we are just beginning to see the true impact of the politically correct society on the American way of life.

We have seen cases where violence has been the end result of “infidels” and Muslim extremists being in the same areas. One of these incidents has happened once again, this time in France.

Christian Post reports:

A 21-year-old French woman was allegedly attacked by a group of Islamist women for wearing a bikini in a public park in France. Protesters responded with a bikini rally in the park named Léo Lagrange in Reims, northern France, to express their outrage about the incident. Hundreds more took to social media using the hashtag #JePorteMonMaillotAuParcLeo, which means I wear my swimsuit to Park Leo, causing the hashtag to go viral.

The incident began when one of the Muslim women allegedly shouted at Sloss for acting “immorally” by wearing a swimsuit in public. Sloss responded and the women began slapping and punching her. A passerby eventually broke up the attack. The bikini protest and campaign was organized by an anti-racism organization called SOS Racisme in France.

The Daily Mail identified the three adults arrested for the brutal attack:

“The eldest three – named in French newspapers as Ines Nouri, Zohra Karim and Hadoune Tadjouri.

The 16-year-old and 17-year-old involved in the attack remain anonymous.”

While many in France assumed the attack was religiously-motivated, the Mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet, said: “We have to be very careful not to jump to conclusions. All the same, I can understand why people have assumed that this attack had religious motives. If that turns out to be the case, it is a very serious incident.”

Well Mr. Robinet that is an understatement to say the least! This is a harsh reality into what uncontrolled immigration can do to a country.

Well I guess it depends what side of the fence you are, if you are a politician or the rich it is working nicely but if you have to live among their experiment, it is a horrendous failure.

Having millions of people who are “offended” by your way of life, screaming discrimination and equality, at every turn makes a society of people on the brink of violence.

I don’t understand why people (not just the Muslims) leave their countries, then try to change their new country into what they left. If they’re unhappy in their new country, they owe it to themselves and everyone else to find a place where they CAN be happy and stop trying to turn their new destination into the same dirt hole they came from!


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