BREAKING From DOJ- Doing THIS On Social Media Will Get You Arrested!

Imagine a world where digital becomes reality, where speaking out becomes a crime. If you use social media, which is likely you do, because most Americans are on some sort of Facebook and or Twitter, then you have seen memes by now. Memes are images with words in them that are edited to convey a message more effectively to the viewers on social media. Facebook launched a war on memes back around 2015 by pushing out an Artificial Intelligence bot that would scan all images uploaded to their platform for what they disproved of. Of course they called it “hate speech” and “violent rhetoric”, but at the end of the day, it was more about if your message was going to be effective in combatting their leftist ideologies or not.

We knew coming into 2020 what was at stake if Trump lost the White House, we also knew we needed to take back Congress and Retain the Senate. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and we are where we are now with those in office. One of those fears coming into a leftists/Marxists administration was that all thoughts and speech against those in office, particularly the ruling party, would be criminalized. To what degree we had no idea until today of how far these people in charge would take this new found power.

We did see abuses of power the last time we had these clowns in office under former President Obama. We saw as whistle blowers like Snowden came forward and shown light into these dark government programs being used against us citizens. We watched as Wikileaks was able to obtain files on the corruption from the United States government, and they published it to the masses wh0 dared to read it.


Sadly it wasn’t too long ago that catching government in corrupt acts and exposing them was the job of the media. Sadly now the media is the 4th branch of the government that is used in attempts to control the masses, keep you afraid and reliant upon the all mighty government to keep “informed and safe.”




Seen here on Twitter, Jack Posobiec broke this story we are bringing to you.



Seen above is are the Details of the accusations against the defendant.



Images above are taken straight from the Justice Department site.

This man is now being charged with making memes online, and distributing them via private messages to other people to then push out to others. There are no laws on record yet that Congress has made that prohibits such behavior from being done online. The Feds are attempting to say this man influenced elections by making and sharing memes.

The Feds have not gone after Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon for dumping Billions of dollars into elections and candidates coffers over the course of the 2016,2018,and recently 2020 election cycles. They are however arresting citizens for breaking what Twitter and Facebook deem “laws” on their platforms.

Buckle up folks, it’s just beginning to get wild under the Obiden administration. We have yet to see the full insanity of what the unhinged left will do to what’s left of our country, and it’s citizens who oppose their evil ideas.

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It’s time to enjoy social media again… without the filthy Communist censorship!

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