Socialist Sarah Silverman Tweets The UNTHINKABLE About Jesus… On CHRISTMAS


Are you sick of liberal Hollywood and their pawns attacking the Christian faith? I sure am. Every Christmas these idiots come out in full force and any chance they get they will go out of their way to take a shot at others beliefs. This Holiday season was no different of course, and I wanted to take the time to pass along this lady’s (I use that term loosely) thoughts to you.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you none other than Sarah Silverman.

N.Y. Daily News reports:


Comedian Sarah Silverman gifted religious conservatives with some troll in their stockings for Christmas.

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On one of the holiest days for Christianity, the “I Smile Back” star took to Twitter to pronounce, “MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!” (The term refers to a person’s gender identity being in flux over time, which could include identifying oneself as male, female or neutral at different points.)


This isn’t the first time she has done something like this. She famously recorded a Christmas parody song in 2005 titled “Give the Girl Toys,” and posted a 2014 video in which she discusses abortion rights with an actor playing Jesus.

She is a tasteless, worthless excuse in my opinion. I’m not saying every one should be a Christian, that is their choice. I do say respect everyone’s right to believe in what or who they want if you’d like the same respect. If her and the rest of the “Anti-Christian” crowd had any guts they would insult Muhammed and Islam the same as they constantly flap their mouths about anything that pertains to Christianity. In reality, she is a D list actress with little, if any talent. If this was a sane world, she would be unknown and seen as the moron she really is. Most likely this is her way of trying to be in the spotlight. Wrong attention that you are seeking though, when you bash Christian people and then ask for them to pay their hard earned money to see you perform.

You know, I’m not as pissed about what she said as I am about the double standard. A white man said something distasteful a couple years back and had to give up a whole NBA franchise. While Christians get bashed from every side, and they are expected to only “turn the other cheek,” so to speak. I hear far too often that the division in this country is destroying us and I agree wholeheartedly, but when you push a group over and over, you should not be surprised when they push back.

For many years Christian conservatives have been under attack from the politically correct crowd and it’s time that they stand together and say no more.

In case you wondered, Sarah Silverman is an outspoken supporter of 74-year-old socialist Democrat candidate for president, Bernie Sanders. It figures…

God Bless.


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