Soldiers Receive Restaurant Bill Then Find This SHOCKING Note Written On Receipt


Recently, a group of active duty military members went to grab a bite to eat at Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill in Tacoma, Washington. When their bill arrived, there was something quite stunning written across the receipt.

Written on their receipt was a a note that read, “Thanks for your service gentlemen. — Former Marine.”

According to KING 5, “A Marine veteran anonymously picked up the bill for active soldiers.”

One of the soldiers quickly photographed the unexpected note and uploaded it to Instagram using his sgtseahawk username.



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The Instagram user explained on the post:


“Every time I think that no one cares that I’m a Soldier or about my sacrifice,… Someone redeems my faith in society. Thank You “Former Marine” for your Sacrifice and generosity! HOOAH!!!”

In the photo comments, ‘sgtseahawk’ explained, “A former Marine picked up the bill. He didn’t introduce himself or even allow us a moment to say “Thank You”! I just want to give this stranger some recognition for his kindness to Soldiers. It’s such a rare thing. This random act of kindness… Made my day.”


How awesome is this? This marine performed a wonderful act of kindness and respect and wanted nothing in return.

Our military members certainly don’t get the credit they deserve for dedicating their lives to protecting our rights and freedoms, but these stories do show that some Americans understand the importance of treating our heroes they way that they deserve- with the utmost respect!

Kudos to this fine Marine!

America’s Freedom Fighters wants to thank each and every man and woman who put their lives on the line for all of us, past, present, and future. Thank you and God Bless.

(H/T Mad World News)


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  1. Deborah West says:

    I applaud the former marine who picked up the bill for the meal. What appalled me was that ANY restaurant would dare to ‘suggest’ what to tip. Tipping is at the discretion of the CUSTOMER, not the restaurant. And it is based on SERVICE rendered first, and only secondary the bill.

    • Bhavjeet Al Shoat says:

      I would rather pay an additional 15% for my meal and have tipping outlawed If I knew the server was being paid a fair wage and not this bullshit slave wage.

      • Deborah West says:

        Are you a server??? Do you receive less than minimum wage for your hours worked? And if you do, do you ‘make up’ for it in tips??? My daughter was a server in a restaurant and she could make in a six hour shift more than I made working a 40 hour week. I agree with you that servers should be paid a fair wage – BUT, what exactly is a ‘fair wage’? The server agreed to the wage provided by the employer when they took the job. I agreed to my wage when I accepted the job. My job was not based on ‘service rendered’, but simply on a production scale. A server’s job is based on ‘service rendered’ – that is ‘customer service’. That’s leaves the door wide open for the customer to decide if they received good service. And, sadly, there are a lot of people out there that no matter how excellent the service is, they are not going to leave a tip. I do believe that all servers should get minimum wage. And then raises based on job performance. But I also believe that ‘tipping’ should be at the discretion of the customer.

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