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When this great nation called the United States of America was founded, a group of men we now call the founding fathers or constitutional framers, came to an agreement on some foundational truths that became known as the Bill of Rights. They set these Rights in ink because they knew that in order for our nation to survive, government needed to be reminded what they can and can not do from time to time.


Every day since the foundation was laid for our country, our rights have been the target of evil to be removed. Even in 1776, there were English sympathizers who would rather the then colonies be subject to the rule of a King who just did what he wanted.


We all know the first Amendment is currently under attack by big tech being enabled by government. These tyrants have partnered with the government to silence opposition to the government. We can cry and carry on and say businesses shouldn’t be regulated by government and so on, but that’s not the argument we’re even examining. I’m interested in the one tool we were given as a God given right to defend the rest of our rights. That right is the 2nd amendment.

ALERT: State Just Passed Bill Allowing SEIZURES Of LEGAL Guns, WITHOUT The Owner’s Knowledge!!

We all know the what the Constitution says, how it is set up to restrict government, elected officials who are given power to govern by us the citizens who vote for them. So why exactly did the founders agree we have a right to keep and bear arms? The Nancy Pelosi’s of the world think its to hunt deer. Or President Biden’s think its to duck hunt. But what is it really for?

We all have some sort of insurance plan, whether it be health insurance, car insurance, home owners/renters insurance. We all carry these policies because we understand that in times of catastrophe, we need help financially in ways we can’t provide with our standard income. Well my fellow patriots, that is exactly what the second amendment was made for. It is there for us to say no, I will not comply to that order.


The very first revolution was fueled by the rise of the beliefs of freedom, and promotion of individual responsibilities. In order to be successful, and responsible for you and your home, you needed to be able to make a stand against others who might try to impose their will upon you and your family. This is why we have the right to protect ourselves by keeping and bearing arms.

I keep hearing comments and reading them on various social media sites from people about how all of us gun owners won’t be pushed around for much longer. We have however been dealing with massive government over stepping with our lives more so now than ever thanks to the wonderful China virus. Now I’m not saying you take up arms and go demand you be listened to. What I am saying is that you the reader, and myself the as a writer have the power to consent to the dictatorships of the governors and or federal crap they are trying to push out on our lives and homes. We as Conservatives/Patriots, and Christians have lost a word from our vocabulary the Marxists nut jobs learned a long time ago. That word is very simple, and short, it’s universal in numerous languages too! The word I’m talking about is “NO!.” No sir, I will not comply with your mask orders, no sir I will not allow you to teach my child critical race theory crap. No, I will not be allowing you on the school board to trans gender my kids bathrooms, sports.

NO NO NO NO NO! It’s time we learn this and push back firmly, with kindness, and politeness. If no doesn’t bring about the change you need in your niche, then you need to gather those like minded and start your own charter schools, run for county council, elect a Sheriff who will uphold the Constitution. At the end of the day, what are we as Conservatives trying to conserve if all we ever do is give the Marxist/Leninists everything they freaking want?



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