Something HUGE Is MISSING In Video Of ‘Refugees’… America Needs To Be On HIGH ALERT


The invasion of Muslims masquerading as so called ‘refugees’ is taking it’s toll on European nations. We’ve seen that most of these refugees are NOT women, children or elderly people but are in fact young MEN.

Here we have video of what looks more like an army marching to war than helpless refugees.

Take a look!

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YouTube video via Pamela Geller

SOOPERMEXICAN at Political Insider writes:

Yeah, once again, they’re like 90% young males. As we reported earlier, even the United Nations reported that 73% of the immigrants are male. I think they might be underestimating it.

And also notice that because of how the Slovenian authorities are dealing with them, they really really look like an invading army:



These pictures were taken in Slovenia, a tiny country that the Syrian refugees are now passing through at the rate of 5,000 per day.

These Muslims are heading to Germany. Once they arrive, they will collect welfare. But what’s more terrifying is the fact that there are jihad terrorists among the refugees that want to murder non-Muslims. They will rape the women and little boys. There’s not a single goat that will be safe once they get there lol!

This is going to pose huge problems and our own government WANTS these people right here in AMERICA!

Look, it’s one thing to be humanitarian but it’s another thing to be blind to the threat these people pose. Not to mention the cost involved.

I say that enough is enough. Let the world deal with their own problems and let’s concentrate on fixing our own country and helping our own people. God knows, after all the damage that Obama has done, that will be a monumental task on it’s own. 


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