The test appeared to have been of a recently developed intermediate-range Hwasong-12 missile, experts said. It is the same sort of missile that North Korean threatened to fire on the US territory of Guam, Fox News reported.

Just hours after the launch, South Korea announced four F-15k fighter jets had dropped eight MK 84 bombs on a simulated target at the Taebaek Pilsung Firing Range in the country’s northeastern Gangwon province, about five hours drive from Seoul .

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The Mk 84 or BLU-117 is also known as, “the Hammer” is a 2,000-pound hard target penetrator bomb – the largest of the Mark 80 series of bombs. The warhead is used on the GBU-31 JDAM weapon system.



These are extremely powerful bombs, with a large destructive capacity when used in populated areas. They can blow  apart buildings and kill and injure people hundreds of meters from the point of detonation.

The fragmentation pattern and range of a 2,000lb Mk 84 bomb are difficult to predict, but it is generally said that this weapon has a lethal radius(the distance in which it is likely to kill people in the vicinity) of up to 360m.

The blast waves of such a weapon can create a very great concussive effect, a 2,000lb bomb can be expected to cause severe injury and damage as far as 800 meters from the point of impact.

Japan’s warning system kicked in, advising citizens on its northern Hokkaido island to take precautions, as the missile headed towards land in what was a significant escalation of Kim Jong-un’s military posturing.

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the “attack” as an unprecedented threat to the region.

“A missile launch across Japan is an outrageous act that poses an unprecedented, grave and serious threat and significantly undermines the peace and security of the region.”

South Korea’s President has ordered his military to intensify preparations as the country braces itself for war with North Korea.

“If North Korea threatens the security of the South Korean people and South Korea-U.S. alliance with their nuclear weapons and ICBM’s, our air forces will exterminate the leadership of North Korea with our strong strike capabilities.” ~South Korean Coronel Lee Kuk-no 

Seoul says that while North Korea has twice before fired rockets it said were carrying satellites over Japan in 1998 and 2009, it has never before used a ballistic missile, which is unambiguously designed for military strikes.

North Korea also chose not to fire its most recent missile at a lofted angle, as it did in previous launches to avoid other countries, and Seoul’s intelligence service said the North launched from an unusual spot: the international airport in its capital, Pyongyang.

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