ALERT: Massive Space Object Is Headed For Earth – It Can’t Be Stopped And It’s THIS Country’s Fault…


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WARNING: Massive Space Station Has Begun Descent To Earth Impact Expected Soon…

A runaway Chinese space station is headed for collision with Earth, scientists just aren’t quite sure where and when it will hit just yet.


Communism sure has a way of giving everyone their share of good and bad news, so the bad news it could hit anywhere on Earth at this point and the good news is that most of the planet is covered in water.

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This isn’t the first time a space station has broken up and rained molten metal down on the surface.  In the 1970s the United States’ Space Lab fell to Earth and broke up over Western Australia.  Thankfully, that region of Australia is sparsely populated.


The Tiangong-1 is an 8.5-ton “Heavenly Palace” (that’s the translation of Tiangong and they obviously didn’t consider the whole fallen angel element of this thing during the naming proces) and it’s now entirely out of Chinese control and, uh, in God’s hands now.

Harvard Called China Out Last Year

Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard University astrophysicist, told Fox News that he expects the hunk of space scrap metal to make its descent by “late 2017 or early 2018,” and since it’s already late 2017 I suppose that scientific estimate amounts to ‘any day now.’ That’s just swell, how much is Harvard paying this guy? Kidding, it isn’t like he put that thing up there anyways.


Last year when McDowell started blowing the whistle on this man-made micro-Armageddon, he warned that there’s no way to steer or predict where the uncontrolled machinery will drop from.

There is some good news, however: scientists in China are confident that a large portion of the station will burn up as it enters the atmosphere.  Still, they’ve reaffirmed McDowells concerns stating that chunks as large as 100 kg (or roughly 220 lbs) will come hurtling towards Earth.

China isn’t exactly phased by any of this.  After all, what goes up must come down, right? Anyways, the Chinese are hard at work constructing a new space station and are planning to send a manned mission to the Moon.

In addition to their new station, there is one other Tiangong series space pod, the Tiangong-2.   The Tiangong-2 isn’t meant to be permanent so it will one day terrify mankind just like the Tiangong-1–All in the name of science!

Meanwhile China is ramping up it’s other efforts in cracking the space barrier. In April, China launched the first version of its cargo spacecraft called the Tianzhou 1.  The automated craft will deliver provisions to future space stations.

The automated craft has since completed multiple orbits and refueled while maintaining its altitude.

As humans continue to launch objects into orbit we need to be mindful of what happens to them later on.  There are numerous plans in the works to launch hundred and thousands of satellites in order to provide everything from internet access to most of Africa and South East Asia to operating as signal relays.

Space is growing crowded by the day and the future could see a potentially disastrous collision between working machinery and out-of-control space junk.



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