by Richard Anthony VIA FREEDOM OUTPOST

If you’re like me you are paying attention to what is transpiring within our government. Many senior General officers are being fired (or “retired early”). Homeland Security, the Internal Revenue Service, the Social Security Administration and several other federal agencies are soliciting for hollow point ammunition on the pretext it will be used for “target practice.” Why does the Social Security Administration need hollow point ammo for target practice, you may ask? They don’t, but since the information about DHS soliciting for millions of rounds has some people alarmed, the government has decided to spread-out the purchases amongst other agencies as not to alarm the civilian population. This also coincides with foreign troops (Russian) practicing crowd control maneuvers on American soil. There has been an American “practice town” built for just this purpose. I could site more instances regarding FEMA camps and even the American 3rd Infantry Division’s new mission, but you get the idea, right?

Barack Hussein Obama is making power grabs more and more; and is openly circumventing the Congress to consolidate more power to the office of the president. This should have some people very alarmed.

I have received information about railroad tracks for military use only set up at these FEMA camps, in fact, empty boxcars that would deliver human cargo. Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Foreign troops practicing crowd control maneuvers and an entire American infantry division being outfitted for the same purpose of crowd or riot control, several federal agencies who aren’t in the business of being police buying up ammunition; add them all together and you can only come to one conclusion: Something BIG is coming. Obama has been purging our military of “loyalist” officers and NCOs, and those same individuals, who know the difference between a “lawful order” and an “illegal order,” are being forced out. They are being replaced by a different type of officer and they are teaching our own troops that certain groups like, Evangelical Christians, Oath keepers, Tea Party and others are a threat to the national security of America. Those groups, which I mentioned, will be the first to either be arrested or detained if martial law is enacted and then after those have been dealt with, they’ll just work their way down the list until all subversive individuals have either been detained or sent to a “re-education” facility.

Does anybody see a similarity, or a historical parallel in this? If not the let me jog your memory; it happened in Germany between 1933 and 1945.

I really do hope I’m wrong, I really do. But the evidence is right there in front of you if you are willing to see it. Now, some of you will say “That could never happen in this country!” Really? And why not? Obama, since his re-election, is openly putting people steeped in Marxist, or even communist, ideology in key positions in the government, and in some cases in highly sensitive positions that pertain to our national security. The chessboard is being set-up and after that is done, then all that needs happen is a “national emergency” to set it off in order to implement the plan.

The senate is already controlled by like-minded people under the strong arm of Harry Reid and if the democrats re-take the house, Nancy Pelosi will regain the gavel as the house majority leader. I want to be wrong in my assumption folks, but the evidence is right in front of us and you should be alarmed at what you’re seeing.

You still think the upcoming elections are going to be about liberal vs conservative, or democrat vs republican? Uh uh, it goes way deeper than that.

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